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Episodes Checklist for Vanity Fair Confidential

Chelly Team Profile
by Chelly Team
February 14, 2020

Season 01

Dr. Mark Weinberger vanished and his wife Michelle Kramer has no idea where he is. Weinberger's story is a twisted tale of greed and power that leaves Michelle in tears and an entire town in horror. He is America’s most-wanted "Runaway Doctor."

A headless torso washes ashore. A mob's daughter is executed mob-style. A millionaire's young wife vanishes. Some believe that Robert Durst knows exactly what happened to all three victims. He is "The Fugitive Heir."

Lisl Auman is locked in a police car when a cop is gunned down. Still, she is convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. When Hunter Thompson hears about the case, he and Vanity Fair contributing editor Mark Seal begin to investigate.

When political activist Madalyn Murray O’Hair mysteriously disappears, she'll touch off one of the most baffling missing persons cases in American history- a case full of strange clues, false leads, and lethal suspects.

A woman is left for dead. When the case goes cold, private investigator Ken Brennan is hired to find out exactly what happened. His investigation uncovers disturbing clues and sets off a hunt for a man who preys on women nationwide.

Christophe Rocancourt. A charming, cunning, French imposter. When he crosses paths with police investigator George Mueller, they begin a cat and mouse game that leaves officials wondering what it will take to stop the Frenchman dead in his tracks.

An all-American soldier is found bludgeoned to death. The Army calls it a fight that went too far. But investigators discover a shocking story that starts with a nightclub showgirl and ends with two men behind bars.

J. R. Robinson was a master of deceit who led a sinister secret life. He was a con man who called himself the "slave master." No one in his life had any idea just how vicious his crimes were, or how far he would go to cover them up.

When Lou Pearlman, the man behind The Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, flees the country, law enforcement officials begin an international manhunt and "Vanity Fair" special correspondent Bryan Burrough uncovers the dark secrets he’s running from.

Phil Spector, dubbed "the mad genius" of rock 'n' roll, had a penchant for guns. When police are called to his mansion, they find the body of a woman and a music legend who seems to have spiraled out of control. Who pulled the trigger? And why?

More than 500 men claim that when they attended a Florida reform school, they suffered horrifying beatings and sexual abuse. Others vow that students were killed on the campus. Now, investigators uncover a disturbing legacy and unimaginable truths.

Two men are convicted of abducting and killing 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico, and sentenced to death. Both men maintain their innocence and a race to identify the real killer begins before an execution date is set.

Season 02

In 2003, NYC financial analyst Maria Cruz vanishes and the last man she saw is missing too. From Manhattan to Newark, NJ, Vanity Fair Special Correspondent Bryan Burrough tracks this wild tale of medical fraud, stolen drugs and unspeakable crimes.

Panic blankets an Alabama town when a couple is brutally murdered and a father and son are executed. Police are shocked to find that one was buried alive.

A series of savage murders in Texas, some believe motivated by hate, leaves communities wondering what will stop the killers in their tracks.

There are thousands of victims. All members of the American Air Force. How far will they go to stop a covert war against women?

A victim of a grisly murder is uncovered. A child from a wealthy family is abducted. It’s the sordid tale of "The Perfectly Sinister Mr. Rockefeller."

Children of affluent American families declare war on the country using guns and bombs to kill. How many will have to die before justice is served?

Supermodel Beverly Johnson and four other women who claim Cosby assaulted them share their stories in this intimate investigation into the allegations made against America's favorite Dad. How many accusers will it take before the women are believed?

Susan Cummings. She is an heiress and daughter of a billionaire arms dealer. Roberto Villegas. He is a revered Argentinian polo player. Their worlds would collide on a 340-acre estate. And only one would live to talk about it.

Tupac Shakur was a revolutionary, a poet, and a music industry phenomenon. Gunned down at 25-years-old, his death remains a mystery until investigators uncover a disturbing new lead.

When the owner of a 345-acre hilltop estate dies suspiciously, the eyes of Orange County, Virginia, turn to his pretty second wife – once the hospice nurse for his late first wife. Is she guilty of killing the man she'd comforted?

Katie Tarbox, a 14-year-old, and Michele Deery, an undercover cop, share a mission: to expose dark secrets about sexual online predators. How far will they go to find out if their online playmates are real or just playing a twisted game of seduction?

Detectives uncover a national underground organization that gives members specific instructions on how to arrange “death events” without being detected. How many will die before they expose the truth?

Season 03

A star athlete from a wealthy family brutally rapes several teenage girls and threatens to kill them if they tell anyone. An international manhunt ensues, and he eludes capture by the FBI and Interpol. Will he honor his death threats?

In 1980, a serial killer abducts women from downtown Los Angles and dumps their bodies in bizarre places. When an unidentified caller telephones police, they must decipher fact from fiction as the woman confesses to a bizarre series of events.

Deep in Louisiana bayou country, a man is found brutally murdered in a nightclub. A handwritten note soaked in the victim's blood reads: "You gave me AIDS." Police have more questions than answers. Was it a hate crime? Will the killer strike again?

After a serial killer known as the Stocking Strangler is sentenced to death in Georgia, Vanity Fair writer David Rose uncovers shocking facts about the case and races to stop the execution.

Two women disappear from a college town, and panic pervades the community after their bodies are found; the victims' families galvanize the public to help put a killer behind bars.

In Austin, Texas, detectives uncover a day care abuse scandal that horrifies the community, and women from across the country come forward with chilling tales of ritual abuse.

A Texas drifter is sentenced to death after confessing to hundreds of brutal murders, but some investigators continue to wonder if they have the real killer behind bars.

Bikram Yoga is considered the world's most popular yoga yet several women claim its founder, Bikram Choudhury, sexually harassed and even assaulted them. How did this man allegedly go from healer to sexual predator?

Behind closed doors, untold numbers of young women across the country are being held captive. They are pawns in the Sex Trafficking industry. Once drafted into this modern day slave trade, are these women lost forever or can justice set them free?

An elite private school is under fire for decades-old allegations of sexual abuse of students by staff members. How high will the number of victims and perpetrators climb? And how deep did the cover-up go?

White rage drives a young man to murder nine black churchgoers in Charleston in 2015, and fuels a vicious bomb plot to kill Muslim refugees in Kansas. Authorities want to know where it will end.

The daughter of a Peruvian political candidate disappears after a night out in Lima, Peru. The man she was last seen alive with is linked to the disappearance of young American woman 3,000 miles away. What nefarious scheme is the man a part of?

Season 04

When a woman hears from a man who assaulted her in college, she's determined to bring him to justice; 30 years later, a student at the same university speaks about a strikingly similar encounter, leading investigators to uncover a shocking truth.

Young, cult author J.T. LeRoy’s meteoric rise to literary stardom is truly remarkable. But it seems like the more books he sells, the more bizarre his behavior becomes. Is it too much fame too soon, or is something happening behind the scenes?

Lawrencia "Bambi" Bembenek, former Playboy bunny and Milwaukee police officer, said she was framed by her colleagues after being convicted of murder.

After a governor's aide vanishes without a trace, an investigation is launched exposing the dark secrets of one of the most powerful men in the state.

After a young woman disappears in New York, her family becomes convinced she's been murdered; investigators dedicate themselves to finding out what really happened to the missing woman.

She is the first lady of Scientology. She is the wife of the Church’s leader. And after Shelly Miscavige disappears from public view, the public and some of the Church’s former insiders want to know – what happened to Scientology’s vanished queen?

After a wealthy socialite goes missing, police wonder if two of the most wanted con artists are behind her disappearance.

The dark and violent past of Chris Paciello, a nightclub owner in South Beach who was adored by celebrities like Madonna and Sofia Vergara.

A woman becomes entangled with a brooding leading man in Hollywood and with the son of a world-famous actor, then she's found shot to death, prompting investigators to ask if one of them was capable of killing her in cold blood.

Emerging from the shadows of the dark net, a kingpin will stop at nothing to protect his multi-billion-dollar online empire, Silk Road.

A New York socialite is terrorized by a sadistic stalker who threatens to kidnap her daughter; she is left asking about his identity, his motives and his willingness to carry out his threats.


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