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Episodes Checklist for The D-Generation

Chelly Team Profile
by Chelly Team
February 14, 2020


It's all here - Thunderbirds Pizza, Dag City, The New Christ is Right, The Kerrigan Bros, The Tense Family, Tommy Cravat Jr, The Dubbo Olympics, Hijack Bloopers, Fart-Whistles, Soako Pants, Yellow Thing with Hinges and Degenocide, the re-voicing of Homicide that briefly brought kak-brown suits back into fashion. Thrill to the shonky production values, gasp at the eighties fashions and most of all marvel at how young everyone looks.

The Bottom Drawer, an extra 30 minutes of offcuts, leftovers and previously un-smelled matter from the bottom of the D Generation barrel.

Season 01

Season 02


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