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Chelly Team Profile
by Chelly Team
February 14, 2020

Season 01

After Raven has a vision of Eddie failing a Spanish test, which gets him kicked off the basketball team, she tries her best to keep it from happening. When Eddie finds out that Raven knows the answers there is a true test of friendship.

Raven gets into trouble when she tells off a spiteful teacher and then tries to impersonate her mom when the teacher demands to meet with Raven's parents. Meanwhile,a bully takes over Eddie's locker.

Raven's decides to throw a big birthday party for Cory, when she has a vision that he say's he hates her.

When Victor gets to be on TV Raven has a vision that its gonna go wrong,and her vision comes true wen Miles and Cory hypnotize victor now they've gotta work to wake him up before his career is over.

Raven's psychic ability is threatend to be exposed in a newspaper by Serena,an Editor who's jealous because Raven had a vision of Eddie making the winning shot and she already printed it. Meanwhile,Tanya and Victor try to fix up Cory's project.

Raven becomes annoyed when her assigned partner, Ben Sturky, with whom she is working on a project for science class, is concerned more with studying than with his own personal hygiene. Meanwhile, Eddie attempts to win the heart of his latest crush, Crystal.

Raven bribes students to vote for Chelsea as class president after she has a vision of Chelsea losing to Ben Sturky, the stinkest boy in the school.

Raven blows off Eddie and Chelsea to meet other psychic and telekinetic teens, but her decision causes some tension between the three friends. Meanwhile, Corey seaches for a mate for his pet rat, Lionel.

Raven is fed up when her more popular enemy decides to throw a party the same night as Raven but when she has a vision that everybody comes to her party, she isnt't worried by the competition. But this only leads to her being publicly humiliated.

Raven predicts that a boy she likes will ask her out to the school's renaissance dance, but she has to drop major hints to even get noticed. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Eddie set up the for renaissance dance, with Chelsea as the queen, but she easily lets the power get to her head.

Raven's privaleged and seemingly perfect cousin visits. Meanwhile, Cory sleeps with his parents cause he is scared of""The Closet Door"".

Raven has a vision of her mother, Tonya, becoming their teacher and sure enough her vision comes true.

Raven disobeys her parents by going out with an older boy, who turns out to be very immature and she soon regrets going out with him. Meanwhile, Chelsea&Eddie babysit Cory and all Cory wants to do is to get rid of Eddie.

Raven and Chelsea are invited to Amber's party, but they have no one to go with. Raven likes a guy and plans to go with him, and Chelsea likes a guy but when she finds out his name is Sam, she is reluctant because thats the name of her dog. Meanwhile,Eddie tries to avoid ""The Seat"".

Raven's mother wants to spend quality time with her at the movies. Meanwhile,Cory&Victor has to see a G-rated movie,which turns out to be boring.

Raven and Chelsea try their best to perform in an opera together. When Raven takes the lead in planning their performance, Chelsea starts feeling as though her ideas are never heard. Meanwhile, Tanya and Victor get manipulated by Cory to keep making him sweets for his Class Cookbook.

Raven is broke and decides to get a job at a cheesy fake psychic hotline. Meanwhile,Tanya&Victor try to take money from Cory's room,but it doesn't work.

Raven has a vision that her father Victor, will be fired from his job.

When Raven has a vision of getting a necklace for Christmas, she decides to wear it to school. It ends up falling out a window and breaking, thus leaving Chelsea, Eddie, and Raven to go to the mall and get a new one. Meanwhile, Cory gets Victor&Tanya to both pay him to wear a elf suit.

Raven has a vision of her parents arguing and takes it as a signal that they will be getting a divorce, especially when she foresees her father telling her mother that it is ""best if they both split up"".

Raven's 2 visions prompt her friends to hate her. Meanwhile Raven's Grandma Viv comes to visit and Raven realizes they have more in common than she thinks.

Season 02

Raven investagates after having a vision of Eddie And Chelsea looking like there about to kiss. Meanwhile, Raven campaigns to Victor in order to get eggrolls onto the ""Chill Grill"" menu for her crush, Devon

Alana is going to have a Halloween Party.Eddie is already invited and Raven is mad cause Alana didn`t invite Chelse Or Rae. The two uninvited girls eat at the Chill Grill-where Alana is goin to have her party.Victor gives them burgers to eat.Chelsea(a vegitarian)dosen`t know that she is eating Rae`s burger which is meat.Rae comes up with a plan to put a spell(with the help of Viv`s spell book.) on Alana to make her invite them to the party.So the plan works except that Chelsea has dropped her No-Cow pin into the potion.Now they see that they have Cow Ears,they freak and look for the book that Eddie used for his costume.Now what will they do?Try to get the book back at the party as cows? Meanwhile,Willam(Cory`s friend)&Cory are goin trick of treating without Victor leaving him alone.

Raven must avoid Alana after making her get paint in her hair. Meanwhile,Victor,Cory&Willam get chicken pox.

Raven's visions are not so friendly when they cause her to get into a big heap of trouble Raven inadvertently forces Principal Lawler to enforce uniforms. Trying to protest Raven gets detention , and is disappointed when Eddie and Chelsea don't back her up , in detention Raven mixes in with Alana and her crowd, who have stolen Principal Lawler's 'Parmesan Cheese'. When they decide to stink up the school to rebel against the uniforms they stuff the parmesan cheese in the school ventilator and plan to blame it on Eddie & Chelsea. Meanwhile,Lionel gets a credit card and Cory goes over the limit with it.

Raven goes on her first date with Devon, and grows anxious when she sees that he's going to kiss her on the date. Meanwhile, Chelsea&Eddie play ""Contwingo""&watch movies with Tanya&Victor.

When Raven has a vision of Cory getting no valentine,she tries to give him tips,but they don't work,so Eddie teaches him to rap to get a boost confidence. Meanwhile,Chelsea has to have her new boyfriend approved by Tanya&Victor since her parents are away.

When Raven gets invited to a convention for Devon's favorite show she doesn't want to go, but when she has a vision that Devon is nuzzling another girl, Raven,Chelsea&Eddie crash the convention. Meanwhile,Since Willam thinks Cory is psychic(thanks to Cory not telling Willam about Raven's vision about finding Willam's rabbit)Cory goes along with it and hits pepole up for cash to read people's pets minds.

Raven tries out her creation to be in a model magazine,but is surprised at the results. Meanwhile, Cory sells things to get a ""Gameball 2""

When Raven is asked by Devon to go to a Blue Rain concert,her grades keep her from going. Meanwhile,Cory wants to hang out with a ""Cool Girl""-who makes fun of Willam's clothes.

When Tanya wants Raven to go the Spa with her,she refuses,until she has a vision of her favorite singer Maisha is going to be there. Meanwhile, Victor has Chelsea,Eddie&Cory trying out his Mother's ""Pickled Artichoke Mash Potatoes"".

Raven gets a ""Psychic Cold"",which she has the abilty to read minds,just as her Grandmother comes. Meanwhile,Cory has to take his pet rat,Lionel over to Eddie's and starts to miss him.

Raven's boyfriend's Father is getting married.But the thing is-he has to move to Seattle. Meanwhile,Cory gets an annoying motion dector alarm.

Raven and Eddie begin to resent each other over a D.J. job. Meanwhile,Cory wants Victor to be ""Hip"",so he gets him a wig.

When Eddie gets tired of Jefferson stealing the Bayside Barracuda,he steals the Jefferson Goat,which eats Raven's concert tickets. Meanwhile,Cory goes worldwide gaming with someone in Hong Kong.

When Eddie gets psychic powers,he brags about it which makes him popular&making Raven mad at him. Meanwhile,Cory gets hooked into this Crime Disco movie,""Undercover Disco Divas""

When Raven and Chelsea go camping,Raven really doesn't ""Rough It""out,bringing household appliances. Meanwhile,Eddie hires Cory as his manager.

Raven&Chelsea goes on a dating show,""TermiDate""to win a date with the very cute Chad. Meanwhile,Cory lies to stay home by hiself.

When a talent scout comes to Bayside, everyone has reason to sing, except for one thing: the talent scout is dressed in disguise. Meanwhile,Cory looks for Victor&Tanya's embarrasing performance tape.

Chaos ensues when Raven is assigned as a teacher's aid to her little brother's class. Meanwhile,Eddie tries to sell Tanya&Victor a new couch(Thanks to Raven's vision&Eddie's Furniture Salesman job).

Cory is scared to go to the dentist when Raven has a vision of him needing a filling. Meanwhile,Victor,Chelsea&Eddie come up with ideas for a commercial for The Chill Grill.

Raven&Chelsea get job's at The Chill Grill to pay for a ski tri, and they don`t do too swell on the first day. Meanwhile,Cory tries to stop Willam from having a clown at his birthday party at The Chill Grill.

Alana and her crew get on Raven's last nerve, causing her to overreact in class and flunk a test. In order to avoid being suspended, she must make peace with Alana. To do so, she invites Alana over to a slumber party. But when she has a vision of an earthquake, things get pretty weird. Meanwhile, Victor gives Eddie driving lessons, which don't go too well when an officer pulls them over.

Season 03

After being inspired by a ""Makeover Show"",Raven,Eddie&Chelsea take this geek named Tyler and turn him into sheek'. Meanwhile, Cory and Victor go through problems with the Father-Son juggling class.

Raven tries to deal with the annoying new neighbor and trying to get close to her science partner…who thinks she's a Maniac. Meanwhile, Eddie&Chelsea do their project on no sleeping for 48 hours-also with Tanya&Victor.

When a millionare visits the Chill Grill, everyone wants to impress him. Victor with his Chill and Grill Machine, Cory with his stain removing formula, and Raven with her fashion designs. Meanwhile,Raven tries to avoid Eddie`s Annoying Neighbor Stanley-who's crushing her.

Raven&Chelsea`s plans for an all-day movie marathon are ruined when Eddie has to bring his annoying neighbor,Stanley. Meanwhile,Cory,Victor,&Eddie all lose thier valuables to Stanley in Ping Pong,so Chelsea decides to play him for all thier stuff back.

Raven has a vision of Cory shop-lifting, so she dresses up as a security guard to stop him. Meanwhile, Eddie&Chelsea wins a mystery prize, thanks to Raven's vision.

Raven obsesses over the community play when she has a vision that it fails.

Raven gets a vision of her kissing Ben, the boy Chelsea likes. While she attempts to avoid Ben, Raven is forced to work with him to salvage Chelsea's benefit concert only to find out he's psychic. Meanwhile Cory is scared to kiss his new girl,Cindy.

When Raven is mistaken as the gym star Natasha, things go wild, as she is expected to do all the amazing routines Natasha used to do in order to win the love of a gym star named Erik, including going on a 5-mile morning jog and competing in the gymnastics meet... Meanwhile, Cory gets glasses to win the heart of a cute girl in school.

Raven is tired of always being voted second best, so she goes to great lengths to be voted best dressed.

Raven and Chelsea try to get jobs, but Raven is denied one because she is black. Meanwhile, Cory has to do a Black History Project.

When Raven&Eddie get jobs as Dog-Groomers,they accidentally dye the champion dog bright pink. Meanwhile,When Victor takes knitting as a hobby to relax, Cory decides to sell the things he makes.

Raven befriends a foreign exchange student from Shakobi who turns out to be a prince, seeking to make Raven his princess.

After accidently breaking Chelsea's sculpture, Raven has to pose as the work of art. Meanwhile Cory&Willam sell pop in Milk Cartons after the school bans Pop Machines.

When Boyz In Motion stay at Raven's house,she convinces them to stay away from the business and the fans. Meanwhile,Tanya is tired of cleaning up the Boyz mess while staying there,so Cory decides to collect the trash and sell it on the internet.

When Raven hits Bianca with a dodge ball, it changes her personality and Muffy and Loca turn to Raven as their new leader. Meanwhile, while Larry is spending time with Victor, Cory is jealous and begins spending time with Larry's mother Barbara.

Chelsea meets a boy who she thinks is a vegetarian like her, but Raven has a vision of him eating ribs so Rae & Eddie try to get Chelsea to realize he's fake. Meanwhile, Cory looks for a singer for his band.

Raven and Chelsea are tired of giving Eddie money so he can treat his girlfriend. But they don't think that will lead him to steal from the student store- until Raven has a vision, anyway. Meanwhile,Cory pretends to be bad at math to get tutored by a pretty teacher.

After Raven, Chelsea and Eddie win a group challenge at the Future Leaders United in Business meeting, they must compete against each other for the grand prize – a shopping spree at the mall. Vowing to keep the rivalry friendly, the competition nearly gets the best of them. Meanwhile, Cory doesn't want to share his new hot tub with Victor.

Cory tricks Raven into letting him throw a house party while their parents are away by making her break a lamp while she was dancing. So Raven throws the party, and charges addmission, to raise money to replace the broken lamp. Meanwhile,Tanya & Victor get lost on the way to a wedding.

Raven tries to get Eddie&Chantel back together for the basketball dinner. Meanwhile Corey finds a dog.

Victor competes against his cookery college rival in the show Challenge Captain Cook-off but doesn't actually want to. Raven though has a vision of what the food they have to cook will be, so will they get a head start? Meanwhile Cory and his mom set up a new desk and get stuck on the stairs!

Chelsea's friend from Camp Waccamosh visits&it seems to Raven that Jennifer is taking over Chelsea. Meanwile, Cindy passes cory a note during class because she has to talk to cory about seeing him on the weekend. For advice, Cory goes to eddie about what to do and what it means.

Raven and Chelsea desperately want to get in the star Pressure's new video, ""Gotta Get You Back"", but it's not that easy as they soon learn when they have to do the choreography Pressure does and they are the first 2 to get kicked out. After they get kicked out, Raven has a vision of her being in Pressure's video. Pressure gets fustrated and needs a new video concept, Cory comes out the dance lesson and tells Pressure about Raven. Then Pressure said his sister got on his nerves too and now shes his limo driver. All of a sudden Pressure comes up with a new video idea, with Raven chosen for the girl in the video. Raven soon discovers it wasn't like her vision. After she gets splashed with water, hit with a pie, and thrown into the garbage can, she realizes how she treated Cory and how he treated her back, and Rae says there both good at it. Meanwhile, Victor tries to put a new Satalite Dish on the roof.

As Cory practices his skate moves on his new skateboard, Raven ridicules him. Then when Raven asks for money for concert tickets, Victor explains that until she starts showing some support for her brother, she can forget about the tickets. When an uncertain Cory attempts to skateboard down a steep staircase to impress the kids in The X-Squad, Raven must keep him from getting hurt.

Raven worries that a new restaurant threatens the Chill Grill.

Raven needs a new Scientific Calculator for Trigonometry in school which costs $100.She buys a shirt instead to wear to a party. Meanwhile Cory is freaking out because he has to go shopping with his dad and cory feels he's too old to be shopping with his father.

The double episode finds Raven venturing to the countryside, in an attempt to reconcile her side of the family with her cousins. Unfortunately, Raven's city slicker mentality upsets the natural balance on the farm.

The double episode finds Raven venturing to the countryside, in an attempt to reconcile her side of the family with her cousins. Unfortunately, Raven's city slicker mentality upsets the natural balance on the farm.

When the cafeteria is turned into an unhealthy food court, Chelsea tries to convince her friends to protest. Meanwhile, Cory hires a personal assistant to help him with his homework and chores around the house.

Raven dates a boy who seems to be perfect in every way,Andre. She goes to great lengths to help him, even baby-sit the irritating Stanley for his childcare program.

Cory wins a chance to be on one of his favorite TV shows, but when it is time to film he has trouble remembering his line. Meanwhile, the star of Cory's favorite TV show, Better Days, gets injured while competing when she goes to a public school and cannot perform for the kissing scene.

Raven and Chelsea don't have dates for their junior prom, so Eddie tells the school that they are available. After that, Danny Warren asks Chelsea to go to the prom with her. Then Raven has a vision that she is slow-dancing with a guy and only sees his ear, so Raven goes around trying to find out who the guy in her vision is before the prom. Meanwhile, Cory is studying genetics and finds a hair on his back and when he sees the hair on his dad's back he is afraid he will have a back filled with hair.

Victor has to leave out of town and calls their old babysitter, Ms. Patterson, who got fired after they lied and said Ms. Patterson ate their mom's birthday cake. Ms. Patterson is back and wants revenge on Raven and Cory.

Raven keeps on having these strange visions and is wondering what is going on. Dr. Sleevemore said he had a vision that Raven needed him and he came and tried to get to the bottom of her strange visions. Dr. Sleevemore tried to see whether her strange visions were because she falls a lot or doesn't act herself(disguises).

Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie are doing community service work for school and they work at a senior citizen home. Meanwhile Cory is having some issues deciding what to get his girlfriend for his anniversary .. and Stanley's not helping ... he hustled Cory twice.

Season 04

Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie volunteer to run clubs for Mrs. Valentine's class at the Community Center. While there, Raven must deal with mentoring an obnoxious little girl named Sydney (Sydney Park). Raven finds out that Sydney never knew her real parents, and eventually they grow a sisterly bond.

Raven must choose between going with Chelsea and Eddie for a bowling tournament, or sneaking into world-famous fashion designer Donna Cabonna's (Anne-Marie Johnson) fashion show to show off her designs. She chooses to go to the fashion show, and ends up "saving the night"...before she destroys it. She then becomes an intern for Donna Cabonna. In this episode, it is revealed that Raven's mother, Tanya Baxter, left to study law in England.

Raven has a vision that she will get an awesome office on her first day at work, and she decides to brag about it. She is greatly disappointed when she learns the truth.

Teen actress Nicky Logan (Brooke Lyons) arrives at Bayside High School to shoot a new movie. But when Raven had a vision that Nicky gonna get choked by eating the cookie, she saves her from it. She asks Raven how does she know this will occurs, but when she said she is a psychic, Nicky had confessed that she's playing the psychic character in a new movie and asks that if Raven would mind to be one Nicky's pointers. Raven would be happy to help, if means joining Nicky's circle. She tell lies about visions and but she had a vision that this will cause Nicky to be fired on the set. Nicky said that if her performance had met with positive reviews, she'll allows Raven to come along to Malibu, but Raven was worried about her vision and she started planning how to save Nicky from be fired. She tells her on the set but it turns out that Raven is gonna get fired. She tries to Nicky but she dosen't care and she said that Raven can't come along to Malibu, leaving Raven heartbroken. Then Raven had the third vision that Nicky's performance will be meeting negative reviews and the news anchor announces that her beach house in Malibu will be taken away. Since Raven thinks Nicky deserves it, she didn't tell her.

Raven must deal with entertaining both her boyfriend and her boss, Donna Cabonna, on the same night.

Raven feels that her room is not big enough. When she gets a vision of Cory asking Victor if he can move his band to the basement, Raven interrupts her brother. She gets to Victor first. This makes Cory furious, and he uses the television makeover show Hook Up My Space to make Raven's room just how she hates it, instead of the way she wants it. Even though Raven gets embarrassed on national television, Cory later makes over her new room exactly how she wants it. Meanwhile, Victor and Eddie decide they need to work out after finding it too hard to lift a box of Raven's stuffed animals and pillows. This leads them to move Victor's old weights up to Raven's old room to exercise.

Raven’s best friend, Eddie, gets his driver’s license, and he decides to buy a car with Raven and Chelsea. Raven and Chelsea boss Eddie around by creating a "voting" system -- tilted in their favor—and even painting their beloved car pink. After being their valet for too long, Eddie takes a drive to the countryside by himself. Sheriff Jefferson (Tim Reid) arrests Eddie on suspicion of being "The Pink Bandit", who is responsible for a string of recent burglaries in the area. Eddie enlists Raven's help, and she a disguise to assist her friend. Back at home, Stanley sells Cory cologne that he says will attract girls, but it turns out to attract dogs.

Raven agrees to help her boss, Donna Cabonna, shoot a PSA commercial/music video about emergency preparedness. Raven gets boy band Boyz 'N Motion to shoot the video, but the trio begin to turn against each other, and then break up. Raven and the others start to panic when the alarm in the office goes off, and they do not know how to exit the building safely.

Raven and Chelsea get into a huge fight because Raven only thinks about herself, and never listens to others. Meanwhile, Cory starts junior high school, and becomes a business partner with a bully named "The Juicer". Then at school, Raven has a vision where Cory gets Juiced. So she must tell Cory at his junior high school.

Raven and Sydney enter a beauty pageant to raise money for the Community Center. Things get personal when Muffy and her younger sister, Buffy, also enter the pageant. This causes Raven and Muffy to become too competitive, leading to everyone in the room quarreling -- even Chelsea, Eddie, Stanley, Cory, Victor, and the audience. When Raven has a vision of Sydney releasing the rope that holds a giant globe that will fall on Buffy during the fight, she stops everyone from fighting. However, all 4 of the girls are immediately "disqualified for starting a fight".

Raven must organize an important photo-shoot for Donna Cabonna at the Tipton Hotel in Boston. Meanwhile, Eddie and Cory use Chelsea's paddleballs to get money by having her break records. They think that it will be easy, until the defending paddleball champion -- Stanley -- shows up. The crossover continues on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody S02E20 That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana (II) and Hannah Montana S01e12 On the Road Again (III).

Raven shows Donna Cabonna her sketches for their new fall clothing line. Donna likes her designs, but thinks that they would be better with a fur collar on them. Raven quickly tells her best friend, Chelsea, about her "good news". Chelsea, along with her Friendly Earth Society Club members, protest the use of real animal fur in clothing, resulting Raven and Chelsea's friendship turning sour. Meanwhile, Stanley creates -- and sells -- a gadget to Eddie and Cory that uses pick-up lines to attract women. What Stanley didn't tell them that it DID NOT attract women, but it hit on them, thus resulting in Eddie being whacked by women with purses.

Cory gives advice about getting girls to "The Juicer", who has his eyes on a beautiful new transfer student, Kayla. "The Juicer" gets angry when he finds out she really likes Cory. Meanwhile, Raven is grounded for a week for being late for her great aunt's 80th birthday celebration, and she quickly goes mad from loneliness.

When Raven is having a party, she can't find a date to go with, so she uses the school's internet dating service to find out a compatible match. Raven finds out her true soul mate is Eddie, and then has a vision that their lives will horrible when they grow up if they stay together. Because of this, she breaks up with him but at the end she has a vision where they are both living successful lives and just keep their friendship.

Chelsea inadvertently hurts Donna Cabonna's back, sending him to the hospital. She is that he is going to retire the next day, so she tries to avoid him the whole day by feigning sickness. Her grandmother's spicy soup causes her to have strange dreams, which place her in odd situations.

Raven and Chelsea pretend to be Eddie's girlfriends, so he can get into a hot new club called "The Sigmas". Things get ugly when the club's leaders, Dylan and Jordan, find out that Eddie is scamming them. Meanwhile, Cory and Victor try to find a cricket that Cory accidentally lets loose in the house.

Chelsea and her mother (Amy Yasbeck) invite Raven to join them on a mother/daughter retreat that they have every year. Raven initially cringes at that idea, but when she has a vision of meeting a cute guy named Brent, she quickly changes her mind. Meanwhile, Cory's band, "Cory and the Boys", takes drastic action to get radio DJ Mitch (Dorien Wilson), Victor's old friend, to get their music played on the radio.

Raven unwittingly hosts a slumber party at her house for Sydney's new club, the local Bayside Sunshine Girls, and everything turns into a complete disaster. Meanwhile, Cory takes Eddie and Chelsea to the movies, and has to deal with their loudness. Despite Eddie and Chelsea making all the noise, it is Cory who gets kicked out of the theater for being too loud.

Raven is getting very annoyed with Donna Cabonna because she wants to be a fashion designer, not a maid. Then, Donna's ex-best friend (but now arch-enemy), Lora Stelladora (Kathy Najimy), moves into the office upstairs, and offers Raven a job as a fashion designer. Raven quickly finds that she has to deal with two bosses. Meanwhile, Cory and Eddie try to profit on Chelsea's potato that resembles Abraham Lincoln.

Raven's scheme to get a test postponed gets the new, hip young history teacher (Candace Cameron Bure) fired. Meanwhile, Cory auditions girls to find a new lead singer for his band, but "The Juicer" insists that he will be the new singer because he "sings like an angel".

Raven and Chelsea throw Eddie a surprise birthday party, and invite both of his divorced parents (Geoffrey Owens and Rae Dawn Chong), who -- Eddie suspects -- will get back together. However, Eddie quickly finds out about the party from Chelsea, of course.

Raven suspects that Cory has started smoking when she finds a pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket, but he is really hiding them from his girlfriend, Cindy, so that she does not smoke them. Meanwhile, Raven makes a casserole for a party, but Eddie and Chelsea keep on eating it, and covering it up by making more casseroles, but they keep on eating those as well.


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