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Episodes Checklist for Static Shock

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by Chelly Team
March 3, 2020

Season 01

Virgil Hawkins is a smart, funny teen that gets beat up by gang leader Francis, who calls himself ""F-Stop."" The other gang leader, Wade, protects him a couple of times, but says he can't be there all the time for him. He wants Virgil to join his gang. Virgil duVirgil doesn't want to be part of a gang since gang gunfire killed his mother. He tells Virgil to show up at the docks and afraid to say no, he does. They give him a gun as F-Stop's gang shows up, and gang fights begin. mps the gun in the river and hides as the police arrive. As soon as the police get there, they shoot, but it hits some gas canisters, causing the canisters to leak out all over the docks and into the city. Virgil runs home and the next day, discovers he can control electricity and anything metallic. He goes over to Richie's house, his best friend, and they pick out a costume and a superhero name for Virgil. And Static Shock is born.

Metahumans are everywhere and most of them are doing crimes. Virgil begins to fight crime as Static, but when the bully ""F-Stop"" comes back as a metahuman himself, able to control fire, Virgil tries to beat him once and for all. ""F-Stop"" renames himself Hotstreak. Virgil also learns that Alva and the Mayor were responsible for the gas that caused the mutations, but needs to prove it. He sneaks into Alva's office to get proof, but has to fight off one of Alva's henchmen to get it. Later, as he fights Hotstreak again, the disk gets destroyed with all of Alva's information on it. Static powers up and finally beats Hotstreak.

Asked to tutor a track star, Virgil discovers that he is another ""bang baby"", who mutates into a 7-foot bruiser and has been recruited into a criminal gang run by a shadowy mutant named Ebon.

While fighting Carmen Dillo, Static encounters a large amoeba with a taste for meat, mainly people. Static shocks it and grabs a piece of it to study. He and Richie go into school after hours to study it, and run into Frieda and her friends who want to write a protest about lack of funding for the school newspaper. After studying the amoeba, they learn it was mutated by the big bang but are unsure how to stop it. The amoeba escapes the lab and runs through the school with Virgil giving chase. But the large amoeba hones in on its missing piece, and runs through the school grounds looking for people to eat. Static finds out that the amoeba is hurt by disinfectant, and grabs two large canisters of disinfectant, dumping it on the creature. It dissolves and Dakota is saved.

Rubberband Man breaks into a record company, trying to find the man who stole his hit song from him. A record executive says it was Ice Pack. Ice Pack is living off of RB Man's wealth now since he has that song. RB Man attacks Ice Pack, but is stopped by Static. RB Man defeats him and continues chasing Ice Pack. Robert makes Virgil get a job, so he applies at Burger Fool. When Freida plays Ice Pack's music, a person gets mad and walks out. While Ice Pack is signing CD's, RB Man shows up and kidnaps him, putting him on top of a spire. RB Man claims to have written the music Ice Pack raps to, but Ice Pack has no idea what he's talking about. At Burger Fool, Virgil sneaks out to go to the situation. When Ice Pack starts to fall, Static catches him. As it turns out, Ice Pack's producer was the one who ripped him off. RB Man, whose real name is Adam Evans, confronts the producer. The producer admits to it and locks him in a vault. Static shows up and figures out RB Man is stuck. Static free

Virgil's dad and Principal agree that he is too smart to stay in Dakota High school. With the help of a scholarship, they send him to an advanced Science and Technology school, where he meets geeky bullies who turn out to be upperclassmen and his teachers. All the other students are a snore except Daisy, who is beautiful and funny, and helps Virgil with his projects. They work on a new prototype program that absorbs electricity. Virgil hands it over to his teachers who use it for a giant robot that rampages the city. The robot belongs to Edwin Alva and the school is funded by him. Alva tells the teachers the prototype had better stop Static, the bane of his existence, but Virgil and Daisy sneak in and overhear everything. The teachers see them and they run away, only to have the giant robot attack them. Virgil changes into Static and he fights off the robot he helped build, eventually defeating it by knowing its weak spot. Back at his old high school, Virgil is happy to discover that D

Dwayne looks up to his step brother, Aron, who just got out of juvenile hall and moved back in with them. Virgil knows Aron hasn't changed his thieving ways, and wishes Dwayne didn't admire him so much. When a water fountain gives cherry soda, and a video game character comes to life, Aron and Virgil figure out that Dwayne is a metahuman. Aron tries to trick Dwayne to steal stuff for him. After fighting off Dwayne's bad guys as Static, Virgil tricks Aron into saying how he really feels about his little brother, and Dwayne stops using his powers for his brother's pleasure.

Virgil wonders why Richie never invites him over to his house to hang out. Richie tries to avoid the question, but Virgil presses and Richie invites him over on a night he thinks his father will be out. Things are fine until Richie's father, Mr. Foley, shows up and starts saying derogatory comments that Virgil tries to ignore. But when Virgil overhears Mr. Foley make a racist comment, his naivete is gone. Richie argues with his father, then runs away. Mr. Foley goes to Virgil's dad to see if he knows where Richie is, and they reluctantly work together to search for him. Static finds him and says they are still friends and to go home. However, in the shadows, Ebon lurks, overhearing this and kidnaps Richie to lure Static into a trap. Robert and Mr. Foley find Richie first and try to take out Ebon and his henchman, but soon Static finds them and makes a rescue. Richie's father changes his racist attitude and tries to listen to his son now.

A bang baby named Slipstream, who can control the wind, uses his powers for food and destruction. Richie comes up with new ways for Static to fight crime, but Virgil just wants to hang out with Daisy and doesn't care about Richie inventions. Richie becomes jealous and he and Virgil stop speaking to each other. Richie thinks he can save the day with his inventions better than Static and tries to stop Slipstream. Richie gets clobbered, along with Static, but he uses one of Richie new inventions to save the day. They make up and agree that Static's the hero, Richie's the sidekick and neither needed to be jealous.

Sharon dates a rapper who turns out to be the escaped criminal, Rubberband Man. He really does like Sharon but goes on the run. She convinces him to turn himself in, but Virgil doesn't see any good in the guy. Meanwhile, two metahuman bounty hunters want to collect on Rubberband Man and try to capture him.

Static's arch enemy, Edwin Alva, opens a new civic center. Alva's son, Alva Jr., tries to get his father's attention, but is repeatedly ignored and scolded. Junior tries to help his father by telling him he's figured out the properties of the serum that created the metahumans, but his father refuses to listen. Angered by this, Junior uses the serum to become Omnifarious. He controls and chooses his mutations, and uses this ability to destroy his father's shipping businesses and warehouses. When Static tries to stop him, he recognizes him as Alva's son. Alva uses his powers to learn Static's identity, and threatens to tell everyone if Virgil tries to stop him again. Static goes to Alva Sr. and tells him his son is destroying his company. Alva confronts his son, then orders his guards to try and stop him. They try to kill him and Alva Sr. can't stop them. Static saves Omnifarious, who confronts his father again, but he still wouldn't listen to his son. Omnifarious uses all of the meta ga

A washed up child actor with a grudge goes on a stealing spree at the mall. He is a metahuman with the ability to duplicate himself. Static stops him and chases one of his copies to an abandoned carnival. He fights the original as the building falls down around them, knocking Static out. Static wakes up and goes home only to see himself on the news going on a crime spree and attacking the police. The police turn on Static and they put out a reward for his capture. Even his best friend, Richie, doesn't believe him. Virgil figures out that Replay must have duplicated Static and convinces Richie to help. Static corners Replay at the TV studio and Richie films everything live as Static fights his duplicate, while Replay confesses to all the crimes. Static's name is cleared and Replay heads for jail.

Virgil is trying to deal with the loss of his mother as his father and sister prepare a memorial service in her honor. A metahuman, who resembles the Incredible Hulk (only purple) goes on a rampage in a restaurant and then at Virgil's school. Richie and Virgil think it may be a fellow classmate, Thomas Kim. When they go talk to him, their suspicion is correct as he transforms and goes after them. Static, remembering what his own mother said about tantrums, lures Thomas away where he won't do much damage and he soon turns back to normal.

Season 02

The Joker has come to Dakota and recruited a gang of metahumans. Ferrett does not want to join and is given laughing gas. Static has his first meeting with Joker's gang when they steal a fire truck. As they get away, Static finds Ferrett with a paper on him saying ""Missing You."" Static is checking up on Ferrett in the hospital when Batman and Robin show up. Static tags along with them as they follow a lead through sewers and a warehouse district. Reaching a dead end, they give up for the night. The Joker and his gang are plotting a way to get rid of Batman. The gang includes Shiv, Talon, Hotstreak and Kangor. Talon leads the three heroes into a trap. Batman and Robin get taken away, with Static stuck in the sewers. With the help of the Batplane, Static saves Batman and Robin from death and they defeat Joker. In the end, Batman thanks Static for saving him.

Richie is caught pretending to be a superhero by Static. Richie gets mad when he is told he can never be one and runs off. In a rundown part of town, Richie bumps into an old man. Helping him up, Richie gets shocked. Behind him, two boys laugh. Then, all three disappear. A runaway truck almost hits a dog, but is stopped by Richie who now has superpowers. Virgil and Richie test out these powers in the scrap yard. Richie almost gets hurt and runs away to find the old man. The man's name is Ragtag and the boy's names are Run and Jump. All three are metahumans. Richie has to go back to Ragtag to get more power. He gives himself the name ""Push"" and becomes a superhero, leaving Static in the shadows. He realizes that to keep getting power from Ragtag, he'll have to start stealing for him. Richie refuses to do it and is attacked by Jump and Run. Static saves him and Richie goes back to being normal. He's okay with being average again.

Virgil's sister makes him dinner and he is giving her the usual complaints. He charges it up a little when she isn't looking to make it better. When she touches the plate, her hand gets burned, making her think. Meanwhile, two new metahumans, Boom and Mirage, a brother and sister, rob a night club. Static is on the news talking about these two. Sharon sees this and gets suspicious about Virgil maybe being Static. She tries to get information on where he was the night before, but he manages to evade her questions. At a radio station, Boom and Mirage steal the prize money the station was giving away. Static shows up, but is defeated. Mirage is hurt and sent to the hospital, where Static learns about her and Boom. Boom then comes and takes her away when Static leaves the room. Meanwhile, Sharon, still trying to prove that Virgil is Static, takes him to a basketball game where she can keep an eye on him. Boom and Mirage show up and Virgil, with Richie's help, escape from Sharon's sight. Af

The episode starts out with the Ruffpack stealing guitars. They are stopped by Static who locks them in a room. The Ruffpack manages to escape, with Hyde vowing for revenge. Virgil's dad introduces him to an old friend, Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq and Virgil go to the courts to play some basketball, but are interrupted by Shaq's secretary. Before he leaves, Shaq invites them to a dinner party. Meanwhile, the Ruffpack are tracking Static with some of his suit using Ferrett. They send Ferrett into the party to find him. Virgil sees through it and stops Ferrett. Hyde and Kangor crash the party. Shaq helps Virgil, Richie, and his family escape. The next day, Shaq and Virgil finally are able to play some basketball. It's stopped, however, by the Ruffpack. They get cornered into the abandoned community center, where Shaq learns about Virgil's secret identity. With Shaq's help, Static is able to save the day again.

It's Christmas time and everyone is happy. Virgil is a little late to Freida's Hanukah party. Virgil looks outside and sees a power station covered in ice. He melts it and is attacked by an unknown assailant. Afterwards, a homeless girl asks him for money, but he says he does not have any. Virgil is at the mall with Daisy and he sees the girl again. The girl freaks out and trashes the mall with ice and snow. Later, Static goes into a building filled with homeless people. He finds out a little about her past. He goes to the church to talk with Reverend Anderson about her and leaves with many questions still unanswered. Staic meets up with her again and they fight. He finds out her name is Permafrost. He tries talking to her, and eventually gains her trust by saying his mom was also killed, knowing what it's like to be alone. She joins the church homeless program where she can get help. In the end, Virgil learns the true meaning of Christmas.

During science class, Virgil learns that the sun is currently having sunspots. He looks out the window and sees a building on fire. He gets to the scene and finds that his powers are going on overload. He figures out that the sunspots are causing it. The next day, Virgil assures Richie his powers were under control. Hotstreak has returned from jail, where he learned anger management. When Virgil is taking a test in history class, his powers start going crazy again. Later, on patrol, Static abruptly loses his powers. Thinking his life will be back to normal, he starts to do good in school again, along with having more time with his friends and finally getting a good night's sleep. Richie and him run into Hotstreak again and a fight ensues. Static is able to fool Hotstreak into thinking he has powers for only a little while. Hotstreak learns that Static has run out of power, so he chases him. However, Hotstreak is eventually stopped when Static conducts electricty from a nearby rooftop

On a train, two boys steal a briefcase from a man. In it, they find vials of meta-gas. They quickly put it away when a cop car passes by. That same cop car stops Virgil, while he's on his way home. The officer wants to see what's in Virgil's backpack, which contains Static's clothes. They are looking for the stolen briefcase. Panicked, he makes a run for it. Later that same day, Virgil's father wants them to meet his new girlfriend, Trina. It turns out that Trina was the same cop who Virgil ran away from. Virgil's dad explodes with anger and grounds Virgil. At school, Royce and Frankie, the two boys, are in the computer lab and are looking up information on the meta-gas. Royce smells some of it and a little spills on the floor, without him noticing. After school, Trina picks up Virgil and they have a little talk. She tells him about the stolen meta-gas and that it will explode in 24 hours. He gets mad and walks away. At home, he overhears Trina saying she doesn't want to be in the way

The episode starts off with the Breed's newest member, Aquamaria, attacking a football stadium. Static arrives and fights her. She uses her water powers to stop his electricity. Just when she is about to finish him off, Rubberband Man shows up and traps her. He says to Static he just wants to be one of the good guys now, but Static does not believe him. Later, the rest of the Breed are in their hideout talking about RB Man. Ebon wants him to join them. The Breed attack a store causing havoc everywhere. Static starts to battle them, but RB Man finishes them off. The Breed are set free from jail by RB Man later that night. Everyone thinks he is bad now. Static finds out that it was really Ebon who dressed up like RB Man and that Ebon is his brother. With the help of RB Man, Static is able to defeat the Breed once again. RB Man decides he is going to be a superhero, too.

The school elections are starting and a girl named Madelyn Spaulding is a candidate. Problem is, she doesn't have any followers. Richie is mad that the school vending machines don't work, and decides to run for freshman class president to help change this. Madelyn gets mad at this and is about to say something, but doubles over in pain. A flashback appears of her going over to a homeless man (Ragtag) and asking him about his life. The Big Bang happens and they are caught in the explosion. In normal time, she learns she can read people's thoughts. The candidates are giving speeches and Joey is up. He is about to start speaking when his face changes, and he tells everyone he is dropping out of the race. It turns out that Madelyn is controlling him. Richie sees her and is about to stop her when she controls him, reading his thoughts. She finds out Virgil's secret and runs off. Richie tells Virgil his concerns, and Virgil agrees to look into it. That night when he is sleeping, Madelyn come

The episode starts out in a music store. A new metahuman named Replikon is starting a fuss. Rubberband Man is also in the store and recognizes him. Turns out they were in business together once. Replikon runs off with Static and RB Man chasing after him, but they lose him. Later, Adam Evans calls Virgil's house and asks if he can have his new CD back. Virgil takes it to him and finds out that A.J. McLean, a member of the Backstreet Boys, and Adam are going to sign a deal together. Virgil promises not to tell anyone A.J. is in town. A little while later, Virgil tells Richie. Soon afterwards, Richie tells Daisy and Freida. They put this on the school's website and the news spreads fast. The street in front of the music studio is filled with fans. A.J. and Adam sneak out a back way, but are seen. RB Man tries to hold off the fans for a little while, but that's when Static shows up to save A.J. Replikon hears about the deal and kidnaps A.J., impersonating him. The fake A.J. breaks off th

The episode starts with Richie being put into an ambulance. This is a flashback and Virgil is really in a psychiatrist's office. He is telling her how he couldn't forget something that happened. He begins the story of how he first met a kid named Jimmy. In the flashback, Virgil is late to school because of Carmendillo. When he gets there, Richie and him see Nick Connor picking on Jimmy Osgood. They feel sorry for him and later go to his house. He asks them if they want to see his dad's gun, and Virgil gets mad at him because of what happened to his mother. Jimmy later apologizes and becomes friends with Virgil and Richie. There is going to be a ""Fright Fest"" at the recreation center and lots of kids help. They create a maze inside the gym. After it is built, Jimmy overhears a conversation between Freida and Nick about how Frieda likes Jimmy. Nick sees him and chases him into the locker bay, where he shoves Jimmy into a locker. Jimmy is helped out and he runs away, crying. The next da

Season 03

A girl at Virgil's school tries to hide that she is a bang baby. She has super strength and the ability to turn her fingernails into indestructible claws. Once her secret is discovered by accident, Virgil tells her to get help, but she doesn't listen to him and renames herself Nails and runs away from home. Virgil does some detective work and discovers she found a website that's offering help and treatment for Bang Babies. Static tracks Nails to Gotham City, where he meets up with Batman. The Dark Knight tells Static that Poison Ivy and Harley are recruiting Bang Babies to help them in their crimes. Nails is reluctant to turn to a life of crime, but Ivy offers her a cure if she helps them steal government gold bars. Nails agrees and they have no trouble hijacking a cargo ship and taking the gold. In the end Harley and Ivy double cross her and push her overboard. Batman and Static rescue her then they take care of Harley and Ivy. Static convinces Nails to return home to her par

The episode opens with Richie showing Static his latest invention: A high tech surveillance robot called Backpack. They are interrupted when Ebon and his gang escape from jail and Static goes after them. Richie goes with him to watch and Ebon recognizes him and thinks he has something to do with Static. He has his gang follow Richie around town. In the meantime Richie has become so smart he passes all his classes with ease and says it feels like his brain is on fire with new inventions. Virgil thinks he had a delayed reaction to the Big Bang and Richie isn't happy at first. He wants a cool power like super strength. After tailing Richie around, Ebon thinks Virgil is Static and kidnaps him. Improvising a costume Richie goes after them using his inventions. Virgil is in a padded cell and starts to break out using his powers but thinks it might be a trap set by Ebon - so he waits until he knows what going on. Ebon is watching Virgil on a tv monitor. Richie uses Backpack to create a

Virgil and his family go on a trip to Ghana. While there Virgil calls Richie and tells him that he's closer to his heritage and doesn't feel like a minority but a person. On a train trip, a criminal called Osebo tries to steal a professors map to an ancient city of gold that is buried under a lake. A superhero named Anansi the spider stops Osebo from crashing the train, but not from taking the map. Virgil puts a tracer on Osebo and later reveals his secret identity to Anansi because they need each others help to stop Osebo. They track him at the dam that holds the man made lake and together they stop him from blowing it up. Static tells Anansi he's his hero and he has very few black heros in America.

While saving some workmen, Static and Gear get a little help from a new superhero who calls herself Shebang. Gear wants to recruit her to the team but Static says no. Daisy and Frieda introduce a new girl at school named Shenice. They have a bowling match between the boys and the girls, and thanks to Shenice, the girls are winning. When her parents show up, Shenice misses the strike, and Virgil thinks her parents wanted her to fail. Later, Hotstreak goes on a rampage again, beating Static and Gear. Shebang defeats him with no trouble, however leaves when the news reporters arrive. At home, Shenice's parents tell her she can't be the superhero Shebang, but she tells them she can't be a quiet girl and not use her powers. An agent tracking Shebang trails Static, who leads them to her. They use sleeping gas to knock out Shebang and Static, proceeding to kidnapping Shebang. Static and Gear talk to her parents and learn that they created Shenice in a lab, giving her superhuman abilities. Th

Virgil accidently bumps into a large boy at school and insults his size. The boy - Marcus spent time in juvenile hall but he wants to turn his life around, so he goes to Sharon for counseling. A huge bang baby goes on a rampage thru the city by attacking a policeman, trashing the auto show and destroying another kids car. Virgil and Richie investigate and learn that Marcus has a link with all the crimes and think that when he gets angry he turns into the monster and destroys what he's mad at. They don't have proof against him so Virgil goes to insult Marcus hoping he'll turn into the monster in front of everyone. When he doesn't Virgil runs away to avoid getting beat up. Richie learns that Marcus couldn't have been the monster because he was in counseling with Sharon. The monster attacks Virgil and he figures that the monster is Marcus ex girlfriend. Virgil changes into Static and fights the monster who admits that it's her and she did it because Marcus broke up with her and she

The Justice League Watchtower is hit by a cosmic string and suffers a power outage. Batman suggests Static come to recharge the system Static and Gear go to the Watchtower but while there the Justice League receives a distress call and leaves them there. They soon discover that Braniac used the power outage to escape and take over the Watchtower computer systems. Braniac tries to kill Static and Gear while outside the League try to get back inside. Gear uses backpack to crash Braniacs memory while Static reabsorbs all the electricity he put into the system. In the end it appears Braniac is finished and the League thank Static and Gear for their help.. That night Riche tries to turn off backpack and learns that Braniac has taken it over. to be continued . . .

The Justice League notice that a huge download has taken place on their computer system and think Braniac has escaped into Gears robot Backpack. Batman gives Flash a picture of Richie and sends him to Dakota to look for him. Flash finds Richie and asks for Backpack but Richie has Backpack attack him. Braniac has taken over Richie's mind and with the help of a thought control disk he takes over Flash's mind. The League goes to Static looking for Flash and Gear. Static calls Richie and he wants Static to meet him at an abandoned steel mill. Once there, Flash puts Braniac's thought control disks on them but Static's natural body electricity deactivates his disk. Braniac sends the League out to kill Static. He runs away then uses his electricity to deactivate the disks. The League set out to stop Braniac and tells Static to stay out it because he wouldn't be objective with Richie captured. Static figures out how to defeat Braniac by using Backpacks remote control to deactivate Backpack and

After defeating Puff and Onyx, Static and Gear notice a billboard advertising a new show called ""Heros"" staring Static Shock. Static visits the office of film producer Rast and tells him he doesn't want to star in any movie. But Rast convinces him that kids need a role model and Static agrees. Rast, who is a rude and arrogant boss with his staff, tells Static that Gear wasn't in the movie but Static says that Gear is his partner and argues for it. Static and Gear go on patrol with 2 helicopters flying with them wherever they go. A criminal by the name of Starburst breaks into a bank and Static and Gear try to stop him. Their powers have no effect on him and Rast is furious saying they looked bad in filming. Gear lets Static fight Starburst because it seems his powers are similar to Static's. For the next 2 days Static fights Starburst with losing results and bad press. Richie plays the footage of Static's last encounter with Starburst and notes that Static's attack should have

Static stops some metahumans with Rubberband Man's help but he tells Static that he shows off too much for the crowd instead of catching the criminals. Static doesn't listen and says he doesn't need his help. While taking Daisy to a movie, Puff and Onyx rob the theater and Virgil changes into Static to stop them. He slows them down and he could have stopped them but when he sees Daisy watching him he shows off again. Puff uses her powers to bring down parts of the walls and some debris hits Daisy. Daisy winds up in the hospital with a concussion and Virgil blames himself, even though her parents and his family tell him it wasn't his fault. Angry at himself Static uses his powers to blast a junkyard. Richie wants to talk to him about Daisy, but Virgil ignores him and wants to be by himself. When he learns where Puff and Onyx usually hang out he goes to the pool hall and uses his powers to scare everyone there. He has one person pinned to the wall ready to tell everything, when R

Bernie Rast convinces Lil Romeo to star in a film that Daisy and Frieda will be directing because they won a promotional contest. Romeo doesn't want to do it, but Rast says he can get Static to star in it. Hotstreak breaks into a store and a new metahuman called Leech drains his powers and kidnaps him. He takes Hotstreak to a prison cell and Ebon is already there. Leech tells them his power is stealing other metahuman powers. At the film shoot Ll' Romeo dresses up like Static and when Static shows up, Lil Romeo says Static is his hero. Static shows Lil' Romeo his powers and his weaknesses and gives him his shock box. When Leech goes after Talon Static and Gear try to stop him, but they are too late to save her. At the next filming Leach shows up and grabs Lil Romeo thinking he's Static. Back at the prison Leech realizes his mistake. Static calls on the shock box and Leech says he'll trade Lil Romeo for Static. They manage to free Lil Romeo but Static is caught instead. Lil Rom

On a field trip to Alva industries Virgil and Daisy run into Specs and Trapper, their old teachers who designed a science project to defeat Static in the first season. Virgil doesn't trust them and spies on them as Static. He learns that Alva hired them as part of a team to try and restore his son, Alva Jr. who turned to stone because of the meta gas. Specs and Trapper come up with new weapons to drain Static of his powers. They capture Static and present him to Alva, but Alva doesn't want anything to do with kidnaping his old enemy. Static soon escapes and Alva fires Specs and Trapper for kidnaping Static instead of restoring his son. They kidnap Alva Jr. and threaten to kill him unless Alva transfers money into a bank account. Alva asks Static for help. Static tracks down the pair who make super suits and rename themselves Spectral and Speedtrap. Their new powers have Static on the run at first but they are soon defeated and Static saves Alva Jr. and hand Specs and Trapper o

Darcy disguises herself as a school teacher at Dakota High School to get close to Daisy. Superman comes to Dakota to track down the Toyman. When Daisy is kidnaped he teams up with Static to find her. Darcy has teamed up with the Toyman to secure a new living body for herself and she promises to be with the Toyman if he helps her. Static and Superman track down the Toyman but he has already made a duplicate body of Daisy with Darcy's mind inside. Static discovers the real Daisy from the fake but she manages to escape and tries to double cross the Toyman. He tells her he put a failsafe into her system that would kill her if she betrayed him. Darcy dies and the police take Toyman to jail.

Shebang returns to Dakota because she thinks her parents were kidnaped. She asks Static and Gear for help. They track down a thief who they believe is a new metahuman, but soon discover Shebang's parents helping him steal items. They learn that the metahuman is actually a former doctor that used to work with her parents. His experiments on absorbing energy go wrong transforming his body into a living rock that can absorb anything for energy. The doctor forces Shebang's parents to help him become normal again or they will be killed. A collar that can inject poison into them can be activated by remote and only the doctor knows the code to release the collars. When the cure doesn't work the doctor tries to kill the parents and then goes after Static. The doctor eventually absorbs too much and becomes immobile. Gear uses Backpack to find the code to break the locks from around Shebang's parents necks. Static announces Shebang can join the team anytime she's in Dakota.

The city of Dakota dedicates a statue to the rescue workers who helped with the Dakota riots 5 years ago. It's this riot and her getting hit by a stray bullet that killed Virgil's mother. Ebon chases a girl named Nina and Static and Gear try to stop him. She uses her powers to encircle herself, Static and Gear and turns back time ten minutes so they escape Ebon. They take her to their headquarters where she tells them she wanted to find them so she could join them. She wants to use her powers to help people. Gear creates a timer from a remote to more accurately control Nina's powers. She gets a costume and calls herself Timezone. Static says he wants to go back to the riots and changed what happened. Timezone agrees that they should go back and help people. Just as they set the timer to go back, Ebon shows up and takes it. Static zaps both Ebon and the timer and short circuits the device. All of them take a trip back in time. They all arrive in different places and Static and G

Sharon convinces Virgil to help her at a retirement home. He is impatient to leave, and when robots rampage downtown Dakota, Virgil has his excuse. He runs to the roof to change into Static when one of the elders, Mr. Grant, follows him and discovers his identity. Mr. Grant tells Virgil he is Soul Power, a superhero from the 1960's, and he wants to help Virgil stop those robots. Virgil reluctantly takes him along and Soul Power says his arch nemesis, Dr. Menace, created the robots so they are immune to electromagnetic powers. The robots easily defeat Static and Soul Power, but Dr. Menace says he won't kill them because he wants his old enemy to see his victory. Soul Power thinks Dr. Menace is creating a weather machine to destroy cities, and goes to an old friend to gain access to global satellites to find Menace. His friend declines and Soul Power lifts the access card to view the satellites. He takes Static to his secret base and powers up the 40 year old equipment. They locate the

Season 04

Batman, Robin and Static stop a criminal named Timecode. In the Batcave, Batman tries to secure Timecode's time machine and is caught in a time field. Static tries to save him but is caught in the field instead and sent 40 years into the future. Still in the Batcave he meets the Future Batman, Terry McGinnis, who at first thinks he's an enemy. The older Bruce Wayne appears and tells both of them to calm down and that he's been expecting Virgil since the accident. Bruce wants Static to help them with Kobra (A major criminal organization bent on ruling the world in Batman Beyond.) Seems Kobra has kidnapped the future Static and they want to trade him for their Kobra Leader. The Future Batman is reluctant to work with the younger version of Static, but goes along with it. They go undercover to meet a contact of Bruce Wayne who might have information on Kobra's current hideout. The person doesn't show up, but Virgil thinks he's found another contact instead. The false contact is a Jokerz m

The episode starts out with Virgil and Richie in a comic shop talking about a comic book character. They see that Madelyn Spaulding is working there and they talk to her. After they leave, she finds out that she has powers still, only using them differently now. The next scene shows the metahuman prison. Madelyn destroys the walls and frees the bang babies. Static and Gear arrive to stop them from escaping. They are not doing well when Shebang arrves to save the day. Madelyn and her gang escape. Shebang talks to the press. After hearing her, Static and Gear decide to talk to her. Turns out the people hunting her were arrested, so now she is back in Dakota and wants to be part of the team. Static is not happy about this. At school, Shebang is driving everyone crazy. When Madelyn and her gang show up again, they easily beat Static and Gear, no thanks to Shebang. They tell her that they do not want to work with her ever again. Her feelings get hurt, which makes her decide to take on Madelyn.

Sharon and Virgil help Dr. Anoyke set up a West African Exhibit at the museum. Anoyke receives a call, then hides a golden spider in Sharon's coat and tells her and Virgil to leave. On the way home, Virgil realizes he left his backpack at the museum, so he returns to get it. He sees Anoyke is being attacked by a giant bug and turns into Static to stop it. Later, Anansi appears to tell Static that his old enemy, Osebo, is after the golden spider, the source of Anansi's powers. Meanwhile, Sharon discovers the Spider in her pocket and begins testing it. She goes to Richie for help in figuring it out, and Osebo's henchman attacks Richie's house and kidnaps Sharon. Static, Gear, and Anansi track them to their hideout to regain the golden spider and free Sharon.

Green Lantern (GL) goes on a crime spree, and Virgil is disappointed that one of his heroes has turned bad. While on patrol, Static and Gear run into GL and try to talk to him. When that doesn't work, they try to capture him but fail. The real GL appears in Dakota to stop the fake, who is Sinestro in disguise. Sinestro wants to ruin GL's reputation on Earth. Static and Gear manage to capture the real GL and send him to prison. Sinestro searches for GL's power ring, but GL hid it on Static and Sinestro goes looking for him. When Static finds the ring, he talks to GL and learns the truth. Static powers GL's ring so he can defeat Sinestro.

A new group of meta-humans is found beneath the city. This group can't be out in the sunlight, or else they will die. Can Static and Gear help save them, or has Ebon already made them his puppets?

Static and Hotstreak are captured and taken to a mysterious island for scientific experiments. Now they have one goal: to escape the island alive, but can their hatred for one another cause the two to work together, or is there something bigger occurring on the island?

Virgil's dad, Robert, buys VIP tickets to the NBA All-Star game in L.A. after gathering money from doing a charity drive. Virgil and Richie walk into one of the courts where they find Karl Malone, Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, and Steve Nash playing some ball. Just as they're introducing themselves to the popular NBA stars, chaos commences. All the plastic in the court starts to disintegrate. Static and Gear fly outside to see what's going on, and find that all the cars in the city have stopped because all their tires disintegrated. Gear learns that nanites have been doings this, and he leads Static to where this is all starting. Farther away, they find a gigantic robot tearing up the city. After not being able to stop the robot with their own powers, four superheroes in different colored costumes fly into play to help Static and Gear. A little later after the fight, the robot disappears, taking Gear with him. The new superheroes reveal their identities to Static. To Static's surprise, they

The episode starts out at the Dakota Mall. Daisy is looking at a necklace that she wants to buy, but says she doesn't have enough money to. She sees a man staring at her in a mirror. As soon as she turns around, the man disappears. While Daisy continues to browse around, all of a sudden, someone moving extremely fast runs through the mall stealing things. Static and Gear show up, but fail to catch the fast person. Later, at Static and Gear's headquarters, Virgil tells Richie that his sister scored two free tickets to the upcoming B2K concert. He also tells him because Daisy is the biggest fan of B2K, he's going to invite Daisy to accompany him to the concert. Richie taped the fight they had earlier with the fast person, and he explains to Virgil that somehow the mysterious man is using super speed. Back at the mall, Virgil and Daisy are greeted by Eddie Felson, the nerd boy from science camp a couple summers ago. He tries to ask Daisy out on a date, but Virgil chimes in, reminding Dais

Adam takes Sharon out on a date, while Virgil and Richie play Adam's Game Station 2. At the restaurant, Adam can't read their menu. The words are all jumbled around, meaning that he has dyslexia. Meanwhile, a creature breaks into Edwin Alva's labs. It gets past security with no trouble, and comes face to face with Alva. The creature introduces itself as Tarmack, the ""living chunk of the biggest, baddest road you'll even drive on."" Its come to the labs to steal a fusion engine Alva has. Back at the date, a news report on a nearby TV shows up, explaining what's happening at Alva's labs. Adam turns into Rubberband Man, and rushes over to the labs to stop the creature. Soon after RB Man arrives, Static and Gear show up to help. Tarmack takes the fusion engine, and proceeds to run out the lab. Alva tells RB Man to press ""override"" on the computer to lock up every door so that Tarmack can't escape. Because of his dyslexia, RB Man can't tell the difference from what all the buttons say. Stati

Static and Gear are fighting a new Bang Baby, but they are losing. The Bang Baby runs off, but they do not follow. They have to go to a dinner. The next scene shows the unknown Bang Baby at his home watching a news report about a pro football player named Dule Jones. It shows Dule Jones being introduced. Virgil and family are at the dinner and watch him speak. Later, Dule arrives and offers to take Sharon, Virgil and Richie for a ride in his humvee. As they are driving, they are attacked by the unknown Bang Baby. Virgil and Richie run off and switch into their uniforms. They try to fight him, but lose. Dule drives off leaving Sharon behind. When he gets to his house, Chainlink breaks in. He threatens to tell the world Dule is a Bang Baby if he doesn't get some of Dule's fortune. Dule agrees and returns to the Hawkins' house. Virgil and Richie agree that they should follow Dule to protect him from Chainlink. Richie attaches a tracer to Dule's humvee. The next morning, Dule and Sharon a

Aquamaria threatens all of Dakota when Hotstreak foils her attempt to return to normal.

Static's dad is kidnapped by Omnara, a woman who once worked for Edwin Alva, committed to her research of learning Static's secret identity. Although, the only thing Static can do to free his dad is to steal Omnara's old research for another project she was working on. In order for him to do that, Static has to turn his back on Gear and do whatever it takes to ensure his dad's safety, along with keeping his identity a secret to everyone else.

After Kangor suddenly loses his powers, Ebon and his crew find out that it's from inhaling Dr. Todd's cure. Soon, every bang baby in Dakota (even Static and Gear) begin to revert back, but Ebon tries to stop this from happening. Ebon and his crew plan to steal what's left of the bang baby gas that was used in making the cure to stage another Big Bang before everyone's cured.


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