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Chelly Team Profile
by Chelly Team
February 14, 2020

Season 01

All the cheese in Mouseland has disappeared leaving the baby mice at the orphanage hungry. The 'teefing' must be stopped and President Wensley Dale knows exactly who to call. Join da Easy Crew as they work together, devising a clever plan to lure the cheeky cheese 'teef'. Once apprehended, Rastamouse gives the culprit a chance to 'make good' by becoming the orphanage MC (dats Master Chef by the way) and consequently transforms his life and the lives of those around him.

Rastamouse teaches some tasty dance moves to solve a problem at the orphanage. As the Easy Crew rehearse for the island dance contest they are called away to investigate problems at the orphanage. The orphans haven't been getting their meals on time and Bandulu's behaving oddly. Bandulu's explanations for his messy kitchen don't make sense so the Easy Crew stake out the orphanage and witness some bizarre goings on. It seems Bandulu's trying to teach himself to dance so that he can win the big dance prize for the orphans. Desperate to help out Scratchy, Zoomer and Missy D all try to teach Bandulu some cool moves but he's still struggling to get into the groove. However, when Rastamouse sees Bandulu gracefully preparing dishes in the kitchen he has an idea for a 'cooking' dance that will woo the dance competition judges.

The Easy Crew must come up with an arty plan to track down a missing masterpiece. President Wensley Dale's new portrait is missing. Is there an art thief at large in Mouseland? The only clue, an abandoned skateboard wheel and a trail of disruption suggesting this is one clumsy burglar. There's much confusion when all clues lead the Easy Crew back to the President's shed where Wensley's nephew, Frank C, is tending to a broken skateboard. Frank confesses. He was trying a skate trick inside his uncle's mansion, knocked over the portrait and damaged it. Trying to fix the picture himself Frank made an even bigger mess deciding to hide the painting somewhere in Grove Town. But when the Easy Crew try to locate the picture it isn't where Frank left it. How will the Easy Crew retrieve the precious artwork in time for the official unveiling? Join the Easy Crew in a fast paced race around Mouseland on the trail of the missing masterpiece.

The Easy Crew instigate a swashbuckling plan to track down a mystery pirate who's taken all the music in mouseland. It's hot and sunny as the Easy Crew chill on the beach, listening to a fresh new radio station called For Real FM. Rastamouse watches a pirate ship on the horizon, the Jammin' Dodger, as the cool radio vibes are interrupted by an urgent call from Wensley Dale. Moments later and the Crew are on a mission to recover all of Mouseland's missing records and CD's. Fake flyers, a fake CD for a fake record launch and a stake out van, are all part of Rastamouse's very clever plan to reveal the identity of a musical villain. Jet ski's help the Easy Crew confront a penniless but remorseful pirate DJ aboard the Jammin' Dodger before Rastamouse and the President come up with a plan for some pirate party cruises.

There's a super cool director in town making every mouse go crazy for his new pirate movie but how come no one's ever heard of this Spike Cheez? Even the President's excited when bigshot movie director Spike Cheez arrives in Grove Town looking for mice with star quality for his latest pirate blockbuster movie. Spike convinces everyone, even Scratchy and Zoomer, to help out for free. But Rastamouse is suspicious - skateboards in a pirate flick?. Zoomer's wooed by the showbiz glitz but when his cool stunt knocks over the camera, Rastamouse realises that Spike's not even using film. Rastamouse devises a plan to prove whether Spike is real or fake but not before the orphan Mice find themselves out at sea without any paddles for their pirate raft.

It's too hot to jam but the Easy Crew must arrange a surprise party to track down a very selfish mouse. It's hot hot hot in Mouseland and the Easy Crew head up to Misty Falls to cool down. But they are in for a shock when they discover the waterfall has dried up. In Grove Town a new face on the block seems to be making a fortune selling Stylee's Ginger Beer. However, when the taps run dry at the orphanage the President summons Rastamouse. It seems the dried up waterfall and the sales of this new brand of Ginger Beer might be connected. But who is this Stylee and how's he responsible for the taps running dry?

Some teef's taken da special pie Bandulu baked for Wensley Dale. Rastamouse fears it's an inside job! Bandulu's preparing a special pie for a Presidential celebration but when left overnight to mature, the pie goes missing with just crumbs left in the baking tin. As the Easy Crew investigate Bandulu works hard to back another pie - which also goes missing. Rastamouse is convinced it's an inside job so the Easy Crew stake out Bandulu's kitchen and are surprised to find that the pie thief is Bandulu himself! Bandulu's been sleepwalking and munching on the President's pie in his sleep. Can the Easy Crew help the orphan mice get a replacement pie ready for the Presidential celebration whilst letting Bandulu catch up on some much needed rest?

It's the Mouseland fashion competition and Missy D is working with the orphans to put together an award winning outfit. But when items of clothing go missing all around the island, and Wensley Dale's presidential tie disappears, the Easy Crew are summoned to the Presidential Mansion. This is serious business - Wensley Dale can't conduct any official business without his official tie! The Easy Crew investigate but when the trail goes cold Scratchy puts a treasured item on the line to lure out a troubled fashion queen.

Take away pizza, a suspicious broken leg and a marathon mystery that has even Rastamouse puzzled. Scratchy has been training hard for Da Big Cheese Marathon, but Rubba (who does no training at all) always seems to beat her. Rastamouse is curious when Rubba claims his twin brother Dub has broken his leg, and the mystery intensifies when they find Dub shooting hoops in his backyard. A rapidly recoved broken leg seems too strange and Rubba's purchase of identical sets of trainers and two identical running kits has Rastamouse questioning whether Rubba is cheating to win.

Cool cars, a broken skate and a cloud of foggy smoke; Rastamouse must apprehend a motorised thief who's determined to win at all costs. It's the day of The Mouseland Cool Car Competition and strange things are happening around Grove Town. A suspicious foggy smoke leaves Zoomer with a broken skate, the orphans without any paints, and an expensive set of shiny new wheels missing from Fats' garage. Rastamouse and The Easy Crew are soon on the case. The trail looks like it's gone cold when Scratchy discovers fresh paint on Zoomer's yellow top. Further investigation leads Rastamouse to an eager young driver determined to win the car contest.

Busted bongos, spooky noises and paw prints that smell of cheese; an Easy Crew investigation accompanied by wicked beat boxing rhythms. Scary sounds have been spooking the orphan mice during their camping trip. Rastamouse reassures everyone, including Zoomer, that there's no such thing as monsters. But when some cheese shaped paw prints and claw marks made by a rake appear the Easy Crew must track down an overenthusiastic fan determined to prove they are braver than the average mouse. Busted bongos leave the Easy Crew's latest gig in doubt but beat boxing rhythms from Bagga T's cousin save the day.

The Easy Crew investigate weird vibrations, strange rumbling sounds and tales of a rare treasure cheese buried deep in the Buff Bay Caves. Strange noises and weird vibrations are occurring all over the island. The Easy Crew are trying to mix a new groove but a low rumbling noise has Scratchy believing their equipment is broken. Investigations reveal that someone's randomly drilling and digging holes above and below ground, but why? Rastamouse visits Ron the barber who recalls a myth about rare cheddar cheese hidden by pirate mice; could it be that Mouseland has attracted a cheese hunter in search of a unique cheesy find?

Grovetown wakes to the sound of snoring on the radio. Meanwhile, Zoomer worries about his place in the band, leaving Rastamouse and Scratchy to investigate why everyone's so keen to snooze. Zoomer panics when he thinks he is being replaced in the band by a new drummer. Meanwhile mysterious banging noises during the night keep the residents of Grove Town awake, and everyones' work starts to suffer. But who is responsible for the strange nocturnal boom bada boom bish bash tinky ti tink?

An episode of fancy sculptures and famous fruity treats; but an ice cold investigation is required to save the orphan's arty outing. The orphans are going to the big sculpture contest and as a special treat, Bandulu has promised to make his famous fruity slushed ice. But someone has stolen his big block of ice and the cart carrying it! It's hot in Grove Town and the Easy Crew must act fast to save the orphan's tasty treats and find the block of ice before it all melts. A trail of watery drips leads the crew all over town before Rastamouse tracks down a teef with an icy ambition.

Cool new trainers and a thief who keeps putting things back; if the Easy Crew keep an eye on the investigative thread they might just hear a vital clue. Zoomer's swapped his skates for the latest must have trainers. He, like Rubba and Dub are devastated when the stitching on their new shoes fails and the trainers fall apart; but not as devastated as Sol, the manager of the trainer store, when the latest consignment of these groovy trainers are stolen from his shop. With these criss trainers in such demand a theft isn't such a surprise but when the consignment of shoes is returned Rastamouse is intrigued. The Easy Crew follow the clues and find a stitch in time saves nine.

A missing minibus and a talent show trip; the Easy Crew must judge who's breaking the rules to win. The Easy Crew are preparing to judge the talent show competition when the orphan's mini bus goes missing. Bagga T's embarrassed 'cos it was him who handed over the keys to a sweet talking mouse who offered to give it a clean. Wensley Dale insists the orphans should still make it to watch the talent show. So, whilst Scratchy and Zoomer review the acts performing on stage, Rastamouse investigates. Discovering the abandoned old bus Rastamouse spots a lucky charm that gives him a big clue and a 'likkle' plan to reveal a break dancing thief.

Random road works and bizarre diversions prevent a musical legend from performing with the Easy Crew. Will Gladstone Brie's music festival be ruined? Everyone is excited that a music legend is coming to perform with The Easy Crew at Gladstone Brie's concert. A keen young rapper is eager to play too but Gladstone tells Ice Popp he's not required. When Toots goes missing The Easy Crew are summoned to find him. Rastamouse discovers a random set of roadworks with temporary traffic lights jammed on red and a bizarre set of signs. Could it be that Toots has been deliberately diverted to prevent him performing with the Easy Crew?

Rastamouse instigates an ingenious plan to catch a person who has borrowed the orphans.

Wensley Dale's bossy sister, Sasha, takes over when he goes on holiday.

Special sauce and missing recipes; the Easy Crew have a hot plan to bring about order and save the food festival. It's the Grovetown food festival, but Bandulu has lost his special scrapbook containing all his recipes. How will he be able to cook up his famous special spicy sauce? The Easy Crew leap into action and it's not long before they come across Booker, a young bookish mouse, who admits to borrowing Bandulu's recipe book. Unfortunately before Booker can return it all the pages blow away and the Easy Crew find themselves on a paper chase to save the day.

Scratchy's itching to open her roller skate disco but first the crew must investigate a copycat criminal and a two-time crime. A series of random robberies have been reported leaving Rastamouse puzzled. However, when the Easy Crew realise things are going missing in pairs they stage a roller disco skatin' competition to trick da teef and solve the crime.

Rastamouse has a winning plan to challenge a sports day cheat. It's sports day and there are blingy medals to be won. The orphans have been practising hard to win the cheese 'n' spoon race but some mouse seems determined to spoil all the fun. Bagga T senses that there's something dishonest going down and calls on Rastamouse for assistance. A fitness challenge is hastily arranged so Zoomer, Scratchy and Rastamouse can prove that cheating is the most unhealthy option!

The Easy Crew organise a concert to help Bandulu mend the leaky orphanage roof. Meanwhile there's a series of random robberies and it seems the culprit is Wensley Dale! Rastamouse can't believe that the President is responsible even though CCTV suggests otherwise. Investigations reveal a misguided mouse trying to mend a bad ting.

The Easy Crew must check all the facts and take a little tea before they can unravel the mystery of the missing lucky bling. Old school music star Lady Uptown is distressed by the disappearance of her lucky diamond brooch. She can't perform without it! Wensley Dale assumes it is theft and calls in the Easy Crew. There are plenty of suspects; Zoomer and Scratchy jump to conclusions. Rastamouse insists that they assess all the facts before pointing fingers but he remains baffled until afternoon tea, when the source of the troubles becomes apparent.

Get ya groovin selves down to da very first meeting of da official, authentic, megaboombastic, Sugacube fan club. Somebody has stolen an Easy Crew record and is now pretending the music is their own. Time to track down a musical artist going by the name of Sugacube. The Easy Crew investigate asking the most musical of mice who this Sugacube character might be but no one can put a face to the name. However, Rastamouse has a plan and organises a meeting of the Sugacube fan club.

The race for a number one song is on but a clever teef is leaving rhyming clues which have the Easy Crew fooled. The Easy Crew are rushing to finish recording their latest single, but rival, MC Rhymes also has his eye on the top of the charts. When Wensley Dale summons the Crew to the mansion they have to put aside their music-making to track down the President's stolen stereo. Mysterious clues keep leading Rastamouse, Scratchy and Zoomer to the wrong locations as they pursue a sneaky Rhymin' Teef.

Season 02

Da Easy Crew must solve the mystery of a missing movie screen and a missing president.

Da Easy Crew uncover a strange nutty trail when they investigate a path of destruction.

Rastamouse comes up with a crafty plan to catch a criminal with a passion for collecting.

Da Easy Crew are in the dark, as reports come in that lights are going out all over town.

Wensley Dale is trapped inside his mansion, unable to do the things that President's do.

Some ragamuffin mouse has teefed Aunt Janessa's favourite wig.

Da Easy Crew follow a wicked beat to help Wensley Dale set a rare groove free.

Sonny da Weather Mouse forcasts da first ever snow to fall on Mouseland.

Someone's sending out an SOS as the crucial jams of For Real FM fall silent.

Wensley Dale reports that the orphan's yo yos have been teefed.

Everyone is getting ready to rock out in the sunny streets as Carnival comes to Grove Town but there's a crisis at the Presidential Mansion. The costumes for Da Riddim Stix Steel Band have gone missing and Natty Kass has forgotten to make the outfits for the likkle orphans! A messy young mouse and laundry disaster pile on the pressure but Rastmouse still produces a wicked plan to make the Carnival parade the best ever.

Da Easy Crew must track down Bagga T and help him find his rap.

Da Easy Crew come up with an open top plan to deal with a double decker teef.

Da Easy Crew are helping to put prize winning pizzas on da menu.

Da Easy Crew learn that when it comes to cricket, Dwain, da postman, is da expert. It's da big cricket match and Wensley Dale's star player is injured. When the President's cricket kit goes missing da Easy Crew must initiate a winning plan to catch a very knowledgeable teef. And later when tings are really hanging in the balance Scratchy must show some bare skills to help win da President's cricket cup.

There's all kinds of paper going missing from all kinds of different places but most importantly Wensley Dale has lost an important Presidential speech. Is this a case for new comic superhero, Super Zoomer? As Mouseland chuckles to the offerings of an unusual comic publication, da Easy Crew track down a couple of friends determined to make sure that Wensley Dale and the rest of Grove Town have something new to read.

There is tension onstage at rehearsals for the orphans' musical. Spike Cheez is directing the performance but Missy D and Scratchy are both trying to prove they are the best performer and are selfishly taking over the show. Rastamouse insists that everyone cooperate whilst Zoomer reminds them that it is the orphans who are the real stars of the show.

A thin crust clue and familiar tune help Rastamouse and Scratchy get Zoomer ready for the big skate race. Zoomer is training for an important skate race against rival Zippy Gillespie but Scratchy is worried that Zoomer is getting slower. When Rastamouse overhears a familiar tune he is able to initiate a first class plan to make a bad ting good.

There is gonna be a Slam Dunkin' Basketball contest at Pow Pow Square and the one who shoots the most hoops wins an official Mouseland Grovetrotters basketball from back in da day. Rastamouse follows a hunch and comes up with a slammin' plan to deal with a mouse determined that he is the only one who can score.

Fats is unable to cope with all the requests for assistance despite him promising immediate help to everyone phoning the 4x4 Garage. The Easy Crew must ensure the ingredients for the fruity ice get aboard the Jammin' Dodger, just in time for the summer party, whilst tracking down Fats to make sure that he is okay.

Every time the orphans try to start their Great Big Sponsored Skate things go wrong. Firstly, they are missing skateboard wheels, then strange weather predictions and finally a strange case of the measles. It is a most confusing crime but a trail of jammy footprints allows the Easy Crew to help raise a few G's for da Orphanage.

A hi tech teef has stolen a laptop from Wensley Dale's secret safe. Da Easy Crew find a very cool clue but it fails to unlock the case until Zoomer hits a high score on the Nuff Song laptop. Then Rastamouse must come up with an expert plan to catch a computer king who's determined to own the best gadgets money can buy.

Da Easy Crew must come up with a real smooth plan to find the Sandy Bay Boyz. Wensley's in need of a haircut but Ron's barber shop is closed and Sasha is threatening to give the President a trim. As da Easy Crew try to track down Ron they discover that other mice are missing too! Fats and Stylus have both shut up their businesses leaving customers in need of assistance. When da Easy Crew discover that there's three microphones missing from Nuff Song studio they must turn to Gladstone Brie to unravel a Sandy Bay mystery.

Da Jammin' Dodger has gone missing and Lil' Patch is worried she'll not be able to entertain the orphans with her pirate party cruise. When Wensley Dale reports that a massive hole has been dug in the orphanage garden Rastamouse must map out a cool plan to track down a teef looking for the spot marked X.

Da Easy Crew are looking for Wensley's missing Presidential plate. Rubbish collector Carlton discovers a pile of broken pots but it's Scratchy who must use her jigsaw skills to piece together all the clues. The mystery deepens when Bandulu calls on Rastamouse. He's got no plates to serve food at da orphanage and Super's store has run out of stock. Da Easy Crew must come up with a super spinnin' plan to deal with the missing crockery and get a brand new act on to stage.

Someone has stolen President Wensley Dale's Christmas tree, and there is a mouse stocking up on chocolates and string. As the excited orphans wait for some real snow to fall, da Easy Crew must find a bredda who's been distracted by a celebration of love an' carin'.

Season 03


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