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by Chelly Team
March 3, 2020

Season 01

Season 02

A woman is assaulted and raped and 17-year-old Alex is sentenced, denying all charges, for the attack. The woman, who remained in a coma since the attack, miraculously awakes and Fia models an idea of how they'll try to get the woman to remember the event.

A woman is found murdered and the murder appears to have great similarities to a murder that occurred a year earlier. The father of the first victim, contacts the OD-group because he does not believe that the man who pleaded guilty is the real offender. But if the man is innocent, how does he know so much about how the murder was carried out?

A woman appeals to Markus and his team that they will review her boyfriend's case. The boyfriend was convicted of murder a few years earlier in a case which Markus' ex-wife, Ulrika, was prosecuting. The OD-group reluctantly takes on the case and Markus begins to suspect that is Ulrika hiding something.

The OD-group is approached by a man who is suspected of robbing a jewelry store. He wants the group to prove his innocence. The question is whether he really is innocent when the evidence, motives and witnesses indicate that he is guilty.

Amanda's life completely changed the morning when she fell asleep while driving and as a consequence a woman and her daughter was killed. Amanda was convicted and is serving a prison sentence. The OD-group decides to review the case. For Roger, it turns out to be a complex matter because his past relationship with Amanda.

The OD-group tackles a murder case in which animal rights activist Håkan Roos is suspected of having murdered Miriam Merkel, the writer and wife of a politician. Håkan maintains his plead of innocence despite the circumstantial evidence indicating that he is the culprit.

A headmaster at a boarding school takes the law into his own hands which upsets Mark. When a student from school, who Markus helped in the past, is accused of committing rape Markus decides to find out the truth of the allegations.

A convicted murderer runs away during a leave of absence and when he does not get a hold of Markus, he takes Roger, Fia and Belal as hostage. The man claims to be innocent of murder and want Markus to help him prove it. But no one knows where Markus is located so Anna is left upon her own devices to try and save her friends.

Fia is in hospital after the hostage crisis and the very first night she experiences an unpleasant incident when her roommate cardiac arrests and dies. The autopsy shows that the woman received an overdose of morphine and a nurse is suspended. Fia is convinced that the nurse is innocent and commits herself to investigating the case.

Markus receives a visit by Annika Hallgren from the Katrineholm police who suspects that a mechanic convicted of murdering an elderly man is innocent. The same day the murder occurred the victim's son appears in the city but has since then disappeared without a trace. The question is where the son is and if he had motive to murder his father?

The OD-group gets a kidnapping case on their table where the victim died before police could intervene. The kidnapped woman's boyfriend was sentenced for the deed. When the group begins to delve into the couple's old acquaintance, they discover a world of drugs, betrayal and a woman's cry for help.

A former colleague of Roger, Johan, is arrested for the murder of a taxi driver. Johan claims he is innocent but refuses to tell what he was doing the evening of the murder. The question is what it is that is so important that it is worth going to jail for. Who or what is Johan trying to protect?


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