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Episodes Checklist for May to December

Chelly Team Profile
by Chelly Team
March 3, 2020


It is approaching the 25th anniversary of Alec becoming a solicitor and he is becoming bored of dealing just with conveyances and divorces and he wishes for just one big case. There are a number of break-ins at solicitors' offices in the area, including Semple, Callender and Henty, giving Alec the chance to indulge in his Perry Mason fantasies...

Season 01

Romance sparks between a charming middle-aged lawyer and an attractive 27 year old gym teacher, but explaining it to their family and close friends proves to be a bit of a problem.

Zoe and Alec have a lunch time meeting to discuss her impending divorce, and Alec decides to ask her for a real date.

When a twisted ankle forces Zoe to cancel her first date with Alec, he decides to bring a musical to Zoe's bedside. The only problem is Zoe's parents are there too.

In an attempt to learn more about each others work, Alec suffers on the squash courts, and Zoe suffers through the law courts.

Believing it is time for Zoe to meet his family, Alec asks her to go with him to a tea in honor of his birthday. There she will meet the entire family.

Alec's memories of his late wife are brought up while at an intimate dinner with Zoe, so the couple plan a weekend on neutral grounds.

Season 02

Zoe's divorce decree has come through and Alec shows up with a surpise gift and a bottle of champagne to celebrate, and is equally surpised by Zoe's opposite reaction. Alec must change all his plans.

When Zoe introduces Alec to her parents. Age is a common thread, and they really get along great, but poor Zoe feels lost in the generation gap.

Zoe decides its time to learn to drive, and with Alec teaching, their relationship starts to feel the strain. Zoe's birthday is soon, and she thinks Alec will buy her a new car.

Alec's daughter, Simone, is concerned about her father's health. She thinks he might be be overdoing things with Zoe. Alec must seattle his daughter down. Trouble is brewing in the office as Miss Flood is suspected of being a drug lord.

Alec has not made up his mind about moving in with Zoe. He feels his house would be better, but Zoe won't feel comfortable there.

Alec moves into Zoe's little flat and he becomes jealous of a new teacher at Zoe's school.

Hillary tries to get Alec and Zoe back together on Valentines' Day. She secretly arranges a Valentine's Day date between Alec and Zoe, but she is unaware that Alec had made plans with Dollie.

Season 03

It's the anniversaries of both the Death of Buddy Holly and Alec and Zoe have been together for one full year. Alec wants to announce a wedding date, but Zoe wants to wait.

Alec and Zoe endure the frustrations of trying to buy a home together. Alec and Zoe seem to be looking for different things in home.

Alec and Zoe buy a new house near the village vicarage where Simone lives. Alec feels that Jamie is getting too close to a glamorous client.

Alec gets a taste of Zoe's competitiveness streak when she applies for promotion, and Vera dissapproves of of Hilary's relationship with her nephew

Zoe is worried about comparisons to Alec's ex-wife when his brother-in-law comes for a short visit.

Jamie worries about an upcoming operation and it effects his job performance so much that Alec is thinking of letting him go. Hillary finds out that Miss flood is seeing a gentleman friend.

The office is full of passion, and Alec and Hillary are in the middle of it. Zoe tells everyone that she is pregnant.

Season 04

Alec and Zoe return from their honeymoon and Simone announces that she is pregnant.

Alec hires a french girl to help a pregnant Zoe around the house.

Zoe believes Alec revealed a negative attitude towards homosexuality.

Things don't go as Alec planned when he invites friends over to play a party game.

Zoe begins to recuperate after her miscarriage, while Alec tries to help by bringing a puppy home.

Vera questions whether or not to marry Grant, until Alec and Zoe help her make up her mind.

Season 05

Zoe wants a water birth for her baby, but Alec sees this as an unconvention method of delievery. Alec get a chance to emulate his hero, Perry Mason.

Alec's nurturing side comes out after the birth of their baby, but Zoe thinks it's too much.

Alec and Zoe develop conflicting views on how best to raise baby Fleur.

Jamie tries to update the office equipment. Debbie has to decide between life with Trevor or Roy's marriage proposal.

Alec tries to get a new and prestigious client for the firm. Zoe is rundown caring for baby Fleur. Hilary goes sweepstakes-mad. Alec saves the day with a sweet and sneaky plan!

Alec and Zoe try to decide on a godmother. Alec sees a doctor for insurance purposes.Hilary thinks she is pregnant! Debbie tries her hand at pottery. Zoe enlists Jamie, Vera, and Hilary in a scheme to protect Alec. The solution to the godmother problem is fun, but not as surprising as the news Jamie drops!

Season 06

Zoe wants to go back to work, but Alec doesn't want her to do that. Vera is burning through secretaries even though she is overworked. Simone is volunteered to help and causes chaos. A young Scotswoman comes by the office and wins Vera over.

Alec and Zoe are looking for a nanny for Fleur. Rosie is still getting used to 'Big City' ways, but working farm hours. Dot has an admirer.

Vera takes the plunge and gives the new secretary a helping hand with her disastrous love life. Meanwhile, Jamie has a crisis of conscience and begins to think about giving up the practice of law.

Dot leaves Zoe and Debbie's father and ends up staying with Zoe and Alec. Simone has an accident that has potential lawsuit ideas in her mind. Dot starts driving Zoe crazy by taking over the household. Debbie has been dealing with their father. Jaimie handles Simone's case. Zoe asks Alec to speak with her father. Meanwhile, Vera tries to protect Rosie from an unscrupulous modeling school.

Alec hires an au pair when he thinks Zoe is overdoing things. This causes bad reactions from everyone but Alec.

Vera starts to grumble that she's not receiving enough attention, and she isn't the only one feeling left out. Alec is also having a crisis of confidence, sure that Zoe intends to abandon him for a younger, fitter man.


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