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by Chelly Team
March 3, 2020


In this one hour special, Scott revisits ten Income Property homeowners and their stunning renovations to find out how much cash they’ve collected and how it has transformed their lives. Throughout the show, a running tally adds up the rental income from three seasons of Income Property to find out exactly how much money these new landlords have collected. The total is unbelievable.

In this one-hour special, Scott McGillivray counts down the top ten Income Property transformations. With each reno, we highlight the smart renovations that helped add incredible value to the property. The six figure value added to our number one reno will blow you away.

Season 01

Connie and Sebastian are hands on first-time homeowners. A little too hands on. As soon as they moved into their new home they were lifting carpets, peeking behind walls and dreaming up plans for every square foot.

When Jay and Kathryn moved into their new home they never thought they would outgrow it so fast! With two kids in the family space is at a premium.

Kirk and Stephanie bought their dream house 3 years ago, and have since spent every waking moment improving the condition of each of the three apartments in the building. Now they are thinking about starting a family and someday would like to be able to take over the whole house.

Peter Busse purchased an expensive, fully renovated Victorian in a hip downtown neighbourhood last year. Adding a potential rental suite in the basement was his plan and the key to bringing down his substantial mortgage.

Martin & Isidora have found their dream home, but the basement needs a lot of work. Closing date has been pushed up by 3 months, and they have already promised their tenant she can move into their basement apartment 15 days after they take possession.

Tai and Beatrice have dug themselves into a hole, both literally as well as financially. They went way over budget when they purchased their dream home, and as soon as they moved in, they took the advice of a relative and began digging a hole in their basement to upgrade the old plumbing system.

Elliot bought his first home and has big dreams for it. Unfortunately bigger isn’t always better. His elaborate plans are taking way too long and costing way too much. Scott is going to show him how to spruce up his income suite without spending his entire life savings.

Heather is a teacher who bought a newly renovated bungalow with a “ready to rent,” two-bedroom basement apartment, which was the key to affording the house on her own.

Samantha and Andrew were smart enough to buy their first home with a fully functioning basement apartment. They were told the previous owner had been renting the basement for $800 a month, which was exciting news to them. But when closing day arrived they were shocked to see the actual condition of the basement.

Sean bought his semi-detached, former boarding house with the intent of converting it into a duplex to help pay the mortgage. Disaster struck within 48 hours of moving in, when the drain in the basement overflowed and filled the basement apartment with sewage making it impossible to rent.

Expecting their first baby in nine weeks, Shawn and Sarah thought ahead when they bought their first home, purchasing one with an existing basement apartment. They figured they would need the income to make the mortgage payments in the short-term with a plan to eventually move Shawn’s mother and brother into the basement to assist with the finances in the long-term.

Brad and Nikki always knew what neighbourhood they wanted to live in, but they also knew they needed an income property to be able to afford to live in it. So when they found their first home with a basement apartment complete with a quality tenant, they thought they were set.

When Steve was searching for his first home, he knew exactly what he wanted: a triplex that would bring in double the rental income. For the past four years Steve has successfully rented out two units, but now his mortgage is up for renewal and in this credit crunched economy, it is estimated that tax values will increase on average by 20%. On top of this, Steve is renting out his basement unit well below the market value. Steve needs Scott’s help to update his basement suite to help offset his increasing mortgage and be able to charge top dollar for the apartment.

Season 02

Daria and James fell in love, got engaged and bought a house. Two years later they are still not married and they’re spending over 50% of their income on their home. They need an income suite if they ever hope to tie the knot and keep their heads above water.

Julie and Andy intend to renovate the existing income suite in their new home. They just can’t make it happen: they have demanding careers and no renovation experience. Their sweet little income suite needs Scott’s skills and reno savvy.

Jennifer and In-Suk experienced a financial setback. With Jennifer on maternity leave and In-Suk unemployed for the last seven months, this couple needs an income suite to offset their mortgage costs and help them afford the home they love in a great neighbourhood.

Evelyn and Armel had an energy audit and now they’re racking up debt in order to make smart improvements to their home. They need the income from an accessory apartment to help out with the costs of renovating for the long-term.

Allison and Rob’s income dipped due to a career change and maternity leave. Luckily, they have an income suite in their basement that can help them maintain their great standard of living.

Lise will be 63 years old when her 35-year mortgage is finally paid off. If she builds a clever income suite in her basement, she could be mortgage free in as little as 13 years, at age 39! Scott will help set Lise on the path to financial freedom.

Alice is living under a gold mine: a two story apartment above her own apartment that’s fallen into disrepair. Alice wants it to be perfect but she doesn’t trust anyone and doesn’t know what she wants. Scott will try to win Alice’s trust and help her make the right renovation choices.

Anne and her sister, Karin, bought their duplex from their landlord a couple of years ago. Now, Karin has unexpectedly fallen in love and she's moving out. That leaves Anne with a full mortgage to pay and an apartment to rent. She wants to convert her unit into a short-term executive rental so that she can pay the mortgage without giving up her beloved home.

Marsha and Ellwood married four years ago bringing two kids each to their blended home. They also bought a new house with a separate apartment that needs a good reno. Could it be a new home for their eldest daughter and a long-term solution to their financial challenges?

Two years ago, Victoria and Evan started a business with offices in two separate cities, but when the lines between work and home became blurry, they decided to buy a property to get a greater return on their investment. The building has an apartment but it needs a lot of work -- Scott will help them figure it out.

Adam is bought a triplex in an urban neighbourhood and promptly rented out one of the floors to a tenant who has yet to move in. Adam is in the enviable position of being able to renovate while he's collecting rent. Scott will help Adam make the most of a smart renovation opportunity.

Do-gooder David bought an urban duplex with a gorgeous upper apartment - and a lower apartment that's a disaster. With the help of his mother and the ever-ready Scott, David will get his duplex ready for action so that he can worry less about the reno and more about his causes.

Fernando and David bought a neglected triplex with the intention of painstakingly renovating every nook and cranny. Unfortunately, they ran out of money and energy. What's more, they've left the worst to last: a disgusting apartment that reeks of cats and cigarettes. Scott comes to the rescue with his team, and a stunning renovation plan.

Season 03

Jeremy and Angie need to renovate their dilapidated basement apartment because they desperately need the income. If they don’t rent it out they will forgo the dream of Angie staying home to raise their young son.

Henri and Lori need to renovate their outdated income suite, fast, so that they can maintain the income they’ve relied on to help offset their heavy business taxes. Without Scott’s help, they will suffer from significant monthly shortfalls imminently.

Courtney & Emily need to get their unfinished basement renovated to a high standard apartment ASAP to be able to afford the extra $100,000 mortgage they took on to buy the home. Without the extra income they will burn through their savings trying to keep up with the large payments and eventually have to consider selling the house.

Bonnie & Merv have credit card debt in addition to a big mortgage. Bonnie & Merv need Scott’s help to complete their basement income suite so that they can get out of debt and down the aisle before the end of the year.

Laura & Peter need to convert the office space in the basement into an apartment suitable for their cool neighbourhood in order to take control of their spiraling debt and mortgage payments. Without the rent, Laura and Peter will have to face the fact they cannot afford the house and will have to sell.

Antoinette and Mike need a safe income suite tout de suite because Antoinette is expecting and they need the extra income.

During 18 months of unemployment, Crystal came to depend on her improvised, second floor apartment to avoid defaulting on her mortgage while racking up major debts to keep the house running. The tenant is now gone and the debts accumulated will take years to pay off without a consistent income from the half story apartment.

S3, Ep 8: Rushad and Lizzy Rushad wants to move out of his parents’ house and into the triplex he bought last fall. Unfortunately, unless he can get the main floor/basement suite renovated and rented, that’s never going to happen. Rushad needs the income from two of the three suites to help cover his costs.

Andrea and Luke have a five-year financial plan based on the second floor apartment being consistently rented. Without the income generated from this apartment their goal of starting a family in a single-family home will be jeopardized.

Tracey fell in love with her home the first day she saw it. In the ensuing months, she has done more destruction than construction and has lost the passion she once felt for her home. Tracey needs to complete the renovations in the upper unit and get it rented in order to finance the renovations for her own apartment and fall in love with her house again.

Divorced dad Kerry needs Scott’s help to finish the basement apartment so that he can collect rental income to give his children the life they deserve.

Lisa has been waffling over creating an income suite for the last five years and has lost potentially $50,000 in income. If she doesn’t stop procrastinating and install an income suite in her basement, she risks both her own future as well as her mothers.

Lisa and Matt need Scott’s help to renovate their main floor apartment to allow Lisa’s disabled brother comfortable visits as well as appeal to month-to-month executive renters to generate untapped income.

Season 04

Martha and Darryl want to start a family but they’ve had much difficulty doing so. They urgently need to finish their upper unit apartment in order to rent it out and settle in downstairs so that they can reduce the emotional and financial stresses of starting a family.

Sabrina and Daryl need to reconfigure and update the lower apartment in their triplex -the bathroom is outside of the apartment in the corridor! They desperately need to resolve the privacy issue before they can attract the tenant they want and earn the income they need to keep on track with their financial and personal goals.

Claire and Ryan need to renovate their Granny flat in order to make it a legal apartment that they can rent to a non-family member. This rental income is critical make their monthly housing expenses.

Single mom Lori needs to do some serious maintenance work and upgrades to the main floor apartment before she can rent it to a responsible tenant who appreciates its inherent character. The rental income is essential for her to pay the bills and provide for her family.

Barb and Jamie started renovating three years ago, doing all of the work themselves. Since then, Jamie has been trying to complete the construction after hours and entirely on his own. They need to finish renovating the main floor apartment so that they can rent it and begin to recoup their over-budget renovation and three years of lost rental income.

Nancy needs to reconfigure the basement apartment in her bungalow in order to create a separate, self-contained apartment, which she can rent out to alleviate the burden of her monthly expenses as sole provider for her family.

Dale and Erin need help updating their basement apartment so they can pay off down debt and take the next step to finally ‘make it official’ – with a ring, a wedding and a family.

Kat and Al bought the house they were renting in. Due to a mould issue in the basement apartment it’s been gutted and is waiting to be refurbished. They need to finish the basement asap so they can rent it out and have their house pay for itself, as planned.

Manny & Jessica are both working long hours, plus they’ve been working on their partially renovated main floor apartment. More than a year later it remains completely un-rentable. Their mortgage financing is based on the income from this apartment, so it is essential that Manny and Jessica get this apartment finished for new tenants.

Melanie & Pavan discovered problems with the basement apartment while Pavan’s sister was living there. When she left over a year ago, they planned to soundproof and upgrade the out-dated unit. However, neither one of them is handy nor do they know where to start. They need help getting this project started and getting it finished.

Chris and Haelee lost a great tenant when a flood forced them to gut the basement apartment in their home. They need to re-construct the apartment and rent it out in order to get back on track with their long-term plans, which include, renting the whole house out and buying the home of their dreams.

Rachael and Steve are carrying big mortgage payments. They were counting on a basement apartment to supplement their income and future day care expenses but they have no time to renovate. As Scott starts the reno, he discovers a much needed repair that could be life-saving.

Brendan needs help to prioritize his renovation dollars to fix up this run-down, two level apartment so he can keep to his income property plan and pay down his 35 year mortgage.

Season 05

Jasmine needs help to move this renovation forward so she can get the rental suite occupied, as it is the foundation of the financial plan that will pay for her son’s university education.

Carmen and Vanessa need to create an apartment in their basement so that they can afford the monthly mortgage payments while they find jobs and get established in their new careers.

Angie and Jung need to solve the basement apartment’s mysterious water problems so it can be renovated and rented and they can pay their mortgage and start their family.

Monica and Raphael need to upgrade their income property so they can pay the mortgage and costs of this triplex and eventually supplement their retirement income with this investment.

Rosalina and Arun are burnt out and need to finish their never-ending basement renovation so they can concentrate on finishing their own living space for their growing family.

Patricia and Manny need to create an apartment in the basement so that they can supplement Manny’s single income during Patricia’s maternity leave with their new twins.

Susan is running this house on a single income, she needs to turn her finished basement into an apartment to help to pay the bills and provide financial security for her family’s future.

Nelson and Sarah need to renovate this basement apartment to attract a good tenant so they can keep on top of their expenses while Sarah’s income ebbs and flows as she gets her new business off the ground, and to help fund the rest of their own renovations upstairs.

Naomi and Scot need to renovate the second floor apartment of their 5 unit apartment building so they can increase the rent which will help them to pay their huge mortgage, family loans and the high costs of running this building - sticking to their plans for the property will help maintain their friendly status as partners!

Reena and Kulvir need to update and rent their basement apartment so they can save to add a second story addition to their tiny home in order to make space for the family they’re planning!

Laura and George need to make improvements to the exterior and common spaces of their income property so that they can manage its maintenance on an ongoing basis, eventually raise the rents and reap their rewards, as this house becomes their retirement fund down the road.

Sean needs to divide this single family home into two units so that he can live in the main floor apartment and rent the upper, in order to attain his goals of living simply, working smarter and paying off his mortgage faster.

Season 06

Cliff and Thyrza need a basement apartment in their bungalow but can’t agree on a renovation design. With help, this apartment will finally be completed and carry them into a future of lower mortgage costs while they re-establish careers and raise a family.

Carol is ready to overhaul her basement apartment that has hosted groups of students for years, but it’s out of her league. Leaving nothing untouched the new apartment is going from a heavy workload to money in her pocket.

Nadia and Gino need to finish what Gino started in the basement of their investment property so it can start making them money and they can take control of their financial future by paying off the mortgage faster.

Diana needs rental income. Creating a basement apartment will allow her and her two young sons to move downstairs short term while renting the main house until she can afford to move back upstairs and still make money from a rented basement suite.

Susan and Jeff want to renovate and rent the main floor/basement apartment to generate enough cash flow to buy a second investment property and keep the first one too.

Rob and Tricia are the first in their neighbourhood to consider creating an income suite. They believe their unused basement is a favourable bet that will help them save for their son’s education and their own retirement fund.

Having just gotten married and bought a house Tiffany and Jamie have stretched their finances. They see the income potential in their basement but are clueless on how to kick start this plan.

For newlyweds Eric and Rita, their house was love at first sight and they bought it on the spot. Second impressions, however, reveal extensive work is required to make a basement suite both livable and profitable.

Ross’ investment is a house that he wants to be his family home - later. For now he wants a main floor apartment to help pay the bills while he establishes his music career.

Josephine’s been frugal and it’s taken her all the way to home ownership. Having recently lost her job, she’s ready to give up her basement for an income suite to help balance her financial books.

Andrew’s taken apart a duplex to turn it back into his own single family home – and he wants this to make him money. Mending this drawn-out mess means Andrew’s got to lose the tools and gain some roommates.

Rui’s had enough bad luck and is ready to catch a break. Living with his kids downstairs and finally finishing the apartment upstairs will get Rui back in the game and back to playing with his kids.

Jerry and Amee just bought a house and are about to get married so why not tackle a renovation too? Adding an income suite to their basement will help fast track their family plans so they can have it all.

Season 07

Marli & Toby are serial renters ready to become serious investors. They’ve borrowed a pretty penny from Marli’s parents over the years, and know that it’s time to start repaying the debt. Scott helps them decide between single-family homes with income potential, and an existing duplex.

Karen and Kevin are a twenty-something suburban couple totally in love, totally committed – and totally not on the same page. Kevin wants a real estate empire, and Karen wants nothing to do with it. Where Kevin sees opportunity, cash-flow, and excitement, Karen sees hardship, debt, and drama. Scott settles this couple’s differences, by showing them how to make a smart, wise, and most of all safe, investment.

Jeff and Kirsti are newlyweds living the big-city life: paying too-high rent for a small apartment in the sky, and relentlessly working 9 to 5. They want to become the couple that’s ahead of the pack, choosing work based on passion versus financial need. Scott shows this ambitious couple how to balance an investment property with a home - large enough to accommodate their expanding family.

Alison and Deirdre are sisters whose only thing in common is their DNA. They’re best friends, confidantes, and partners in crime, but most of all – nothing alike. Alison wants to buy her very own income property, but Deirdre thinks it’ll be a hassle, and discourages the whole thing. Scott helps Alison approach her purchase as a investor versus emotional homeowner. It’s about practicality and functionality, and of course - some sibling rivalry.

Dan and Tania are a young couple determined to leave their parents’ suburban homes in exchange for the big city. They need to find a home with multiple units, so that they can afford to live where they like to play.

Kuo Bao and Megan are a twenty-something couple living and loving life in the big city. This ambitious couple is determined to grow a portfolio of investment properties together, in order to support their aging parents throughout retirement. With a lofty goal of supporting themselves and two sets of parents, Scott shows them how to find the right house to achieve their financial goals.

Andrew and Chris are life-long buddies each living in the suburbs of the big city. They have big dreams of using a portfolio of shared income properties to retire at age 55. Scott shares his first-hand advice with these rookie investors. He helps build the foundation for the boys’ business, so that it maintains financial success – and most importantly – their friendship.

Mike and Vita are successful professionals, but when it comes to the world of income properties, they’re on brand new turf. They want to purchase a dedicated rental property with long term value. Scott guides this couple on how to find the right house in the right neighbourhood.

Stephanie and Elyse are a cop and paramedic thinking ahead. They have big dreams of securing their financial future together, and have chosen real estate as their investment of choice. Scott shows them how to find a dedicated income property to best invest in their future - STAT.

Mary and Bridge dream of comfortably retiring to the great outdoors, without having to worry about money. They need to find a family home with basement apartment potential to fund their retirement dreams. Scott shows them how to make a wise investment in the country, while maintaining the balance between their dream home and a hot rental property.

Marko and Jackie are an urban couple who want to take control of their financial future. Jackie already owns an income property, so Marko is desperate to get into the game.

Jason and Peky are an ultra-energetic 21st century couple. They’re married, expecting a child, and are ready to buy their first income property – all at once. As they save money for their growing family, they can’t spare a single penny to start repaying Peky’s monumental student debt. Scott shows them the value in the fixer-upper properties that they can afford, and helps them find the perfect basement apartment to kickstart their lives together.

At 34 years old, Sarah and Milo have big dreams of saying sayonara to their jobs by the time they’re 45. Scott shows them the difference between what makes a house a good home, and what makes a house a good investment. It’s a race against time for these two, who know that without Scott’s help, their current rut will remain their permanent routine.

Season 08

Michael and Karen need to find an urban house with basement apartment so that they can afford to move into the city and reduce Karen’s 2-hour commute to work. Without Scott’s help, they know that they’ll be stuck in the ‘burbs – or even worse – Karen will miss out on precious family time with their baby boy.

After suffering the sudden and tragic loss of her husband, Deb decides she wants to help her daughter Sarah and her son-in-law Matt buy a home with an income property to start them on the right foot. Mom will live in the suite until she gets back on her feet, then Matt and Sarah will rent it out down the road. Scott and the trio tour a new build, a bungalow, and a 2-story home with student rental potential.

Bryan and Marissa have been living with Marissa's mom for six years. They've saved up and now they want to buy an income property where they can live for now, and count on as an investment down the road, all with their wedding on the horizon. Scott helps them choose between a downtown duplex, a recently renovated duplex, and a beautiful suburban home.

Ann-Marie and Scott have big dreams of traveling the world, and to help finance their adventures, they need to invest in an income property. Scott helps them choose between a downtown condo, a house with student rental potential, and a 2-unit bungalow.

Jen and Brock dream of buying a home downtown, but it needs to have an income property if they want to afford it. Scott shows them a 100-year-old row house, a single-family home, and an east end duplex; before sky-high housing prices threaten to scare them away from buying altogether.

Erin needs to move out of her cramped condo so that she can have more space and a yard for her dogs. She wants her home and her finances to be princess perfect, so she needs a house with income property potential. Scott and Erin's friend Alana help her choose between two bungalows in the city, and beautiful suburban home.

Sarah and Jim are blending their families, and together they have five daughters to put through college. They're gearing up for an expensive future with an ambitious investment plan to buy four income properties in five years. Scott helps them decide between a detached back-split, a tenanted semi-detached bungalow, and a single family home.

Nick and Karen are trying to start a family. They want to upsize from their condo, but to afford the house of their dreams, it has to have an income property. While they wait for the stork to arrive, Scott shows them a Victorian Triplex, an American Colonial home, and a Tudor-style home.

After attempting a career change, Joe fell into serious financial trouble. He needs to downsize to a smaller home with an income property so he can pay down his looming debts. Scott shows Joe and his brother a detached two-story home, a semi-detached bungalow, and a split-level duplex.

Sidra has sacrificed and saved. Now she's ready to invest all of it into an income property. With Sidra's father along for the ride, Scott shows them three very different investment strategies in the form of a purpose built duplex, an Edwardian semi-detached, and a renovated bungalow.

Dave and Lucia are planning a big wedding and they want to buy their first home. They're paying for it all on their own, so they need an income property to make it all work. Scott takes this young ambitious couple to see a classic bungalow, a side-split and a contemporary bungalow.

Grant and Eve need to find a home with rental suite so that they can fund their annual $10,000 trips to Australia to visit Grant’s family and hometown. They need Scott’s help to make sure that they secure their finances in such a way that they feel safe and confident in their new roles as landlords.

Allan & Nasreen need to find a home with income suite to supplement Nasreen’s income as she leaves the workforce and starts her own reiki healing business. This property will be both Allan and Nasreen’s first foray into homeownership, so they’re relying on Scott to help them find and renovate the perfect property, which will play triple duty as their home, a source of income, and a space to grow their business.

A couple wants to generate more money for their business by splitting their single family rental into a duplex.

A new couple needs an income suite to manage their substantial mortgage, so they consider two and three bedrooms.


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